Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Date is Set!!!!!

Wooohoooo!! We find out what we are having November 23rd at 10am!! I was so worried they wouldn't have any openings, being that it is the week of Thanksgiving. But I called AGAIN this morning, after not getting a call back and they had tons of appointments available. I wanted something early, but not too early because we'd have to fight the heavy Birmingham traffic since we have to go downtown. (That's why we went with 10. I also knew I could not wait all day for the appointment. I'd be going crazy! HA!) The satellite office I go to for my regular appointments doesn't have ultrasound equipment so I have to go to St. Vincent's hospital, where their main office is located. It was really important to me that I find out before Thanksgiving if at all possible. We plan on keeping the news to ourselves for a couple of days and we'll announce it at Thanksgiving. I'm thinking of cute announcement ideas. I think I know what I'm going to do, though. ;-) The gender poll closes on the 15th, so cast your vote if you haven't already! I can't wait to find out what Baby Puckett is, but I'm just praying he or she is healthy!!!

In other news.........I found an AWESOME sale at yesterday. I found out about it on They have their outerwear 50% off!!! I think it runs through tomorrow and it may just be good on maternity outerwear, but I think it's good for all outerwear. You just have to put in a code at checkout. If you want the code, send me an email or something. I feel as if I shouldn't advertise the code all over my blog. HA! They also had a couple of other discounts yesterday only (I think...but it wouldn't hurt to go look if you're interested). They had one for 10% off your entire purchase and another for Free Shipping on purchases over $50! I was able to use 2 discounts....I could've used 3 but I didn't want to make 3 separate purchases so I just made 2. (You can't combine the discounts FYI!!). Here are my awesome finds:

Here is the awesome toggle coat I scored....for HALF OFF!!! I think it's so cute, and I will definitely need a maternity coat for the winter.

I got these cute skinny jeans. They are top-rated and a customer favorite, so I felt better about buying them without trying them on. I love to wear boots over skinny jeans during the Fall and Winter...and that's the only way I wear skinny jeans. I can't pull off ballet flats or wedges with them, so I just wear them with boots. I'm so glad I got some and will be able to wear that look throughout the cold months. :)

I couldn't pass up a cute black dress. It was on clearance and I know I will get a lot of wear out of this over the next few months. I may need to get another color if I like the way it fits.

I've seen this dress on their website for a while now and I LOVE it! It was also on clearance and they have a few colors, so I'll definitely have to get more if I like it. I figure I can wear this during the Winter with a shirt underneath or a jacket over it, then as I get into April and I'm huge and uncomfortable and probably getting hot a lot, I can wear it just the way it is.

If you're interested in checking out that outerwear sale, just let me know and I'll give you the code. I want to say it's good for all outerwear, not just maternity and I think it ends tomorrow. You can't beat a 50% off sale...unless it's Black Friday!!

Happy Hump Day Friends! :)


  1. Finding out what we were having was one of the most exciting moments of my life! It is so much fun! Enjoy:)

  2. I absolutely cannot wait!! It's going to be amazing! I can't wait until I can start referring to the baby as him or her, and also give him or her a name!!! :-)


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