Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Comfort Food and An Update

I'm all about some comfort food. I grew up eating it and helped my grandmothers and my mom cook when I was little. I'd sit on the counter and help them cook all the time! I was always a good eater...never picky. I hope my child is the same way! And of course, grandmothers love to cook the southern comfort foods....fried chicken, mashed potatoes, soups, etc. My mom makes this dish she calls "glamourized hamburger". It was always one of my favorite things. It always kind of reminded me of salisbury steak...which I like...if it's done right! So a while back I thought of it and decided to make it. I do it a little differently though. I call mine "Mock" Salisbury Steak. Here's the recipe....it literally has like 3 ingredients. (you don't count Salt & Pepper)

Ingredients: (remember, this is just a recipe for two!)

~ About 1/2 pound hamburger meat(enough to make two nice-sized patties)....any kind you like. I usually use ground sirloin; it has the least fat.
~ 1 can cream of mushroom soup
~ 1 can beefy mushroom soup - I did use french onion, but found this was better.
~ Campbell's makes it.
~ Salt & Pepper


~ Form meat into patties - they typically shrink, so make them a little bigger than you think they should be.
~ Salt & Pepper meat and brown in pan.
~ Take out meat and pour in the cream of mushroom and beefy mushroom soups. ~ Stir soups together really well until well blended. Let simmer for a few minutes, then add meat back in to finish cooking. Plate meat and top with some of the sauce.

It's the easiest thing in the world and is tasty and comforting! I usually serve mine with mashed potatoes and sweet peas. This is my husband's plate....yes there are more potatoes than meat (we like carbs)...but there's also a lot of peas! Good, yes? :-) And I should mention say that the sauce makes a good gravy for the potatoes as well!

We had our monthly doctor appointment today and it went great! Joseph got to go for the first time to hear the heartbeat firsthand and he said he almost cried. It is such an incredible sound. The heart rate was at 156 this time; it was 160 last time. At the last appointment the nurse took a few minutes to find the heartbeat, and was finally able to find it closer to the right side. This time the doctor found it right away, right in the middle! I love this doctor by the way. He's not my regular OB. She is out of town this week so I set up an appointment with him today instead. He's so funny and has a great personality. If I ever want or need to change doctors, I will definitely consider using him...I generally prefer a female doctor, but he just makes you feel so comfortable. Everything looked great and the doc said I can officially stop taking the progesterone!! Yippee!!! He also said we could schedule "The" ultrasound for 4 weeks from now!! SO. EXCITED. We will find out the week of Thanksgiving (IF they have an opening! PLEASE, have an opening! I'm not sure how busy they'll be that week) However, I tried calling the scheduling lady over at the hospital and got the voicemail....I left a message and never got a call-back. I called like 4 1/2 hours later, left another message, and still didn't get called back!! That annoys me SO much! I'll be calling again tomorrow until they answer or call me back!!! I'm dying to have a date set for the ultrasound! Hopefully tomorrow, we will. :)

I hope y'all are having a good week.


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