Friday, October 29, 2010

Making Room For Baby!

I feel I must warn you....this is kind of long and I ramble. :-)

So, as I stated earlier, we are turning the home office into the baby's room. We got the desk out, but we still have a couple other pieces of furniture to get out. I am happy to say that they will all be out by next weekend...if all goes as planned!! We are donating a LOT of stuff to Salvation Army. The truck is coming to pick it all up tomorrow and I can't wait! We're donating a lot of clothes and household items (decor, kitchen things, etc.), as well as an old TV and TV stand, a printer, and Joseph's old double computer monitors. We are writing all of this off on our taxes next year!! I probably wouldn't bother if it were just a few things, but since we have a lot of stuff, including some big ticket items in the pile, we're definitely going to take that help on our taxes. I began itemizing it all the other day, but still have a lot to do before tomorrow. We're not sure what time they're coming, so we have to be ready at any time! Yikes! I feel so much better knowing that not only is this stuff that we don't want, use, or need going to be out of our house, but it's also going to a wonderful place to help people who need it!

After the TV and TV stand are gone, that leaves the cabinet we use for books. Joseph's mom gave that to us when we got married and we used it in our apartment as the china cabinet. When we moved into our house, we bought a dining room set, including a china cabinet, so we have used this one as a bookshelf in the office. It worked well, especially since it matched the color of the desk really well. We were just going to put it in storage or try to put it in the attic...if that's's quite heavy and I'm not sure it would fit in the opening. (our attic is accessible through the garage, so it has one of those pull-down doors) Joseph asked his mom if she would want it back or if she knew anyone who might want it for a short time. We'd like to possibly have it again when we move into a bigger house that has a dedicated office or bonus room of some kind, unless someone in the family wants it indefinitely. It's a family piece, so we'd like to keep it in the fam. Well, his mom would like to have it for a while, because she has been wanting to get rid of her current one. It worked out great! We are going to Christmas Village in Birmingham next Saturday with our moms and possibly my father-in-law and I believe his parents are going to pick it up and take it home with them if it all works out. I am so glad it will be getting use for a while. I hate the idea of it sitting in a storage room or attic for who knows how long.

Once all of this stuff is gone, we will be much closer to getting the room baby-ready. I cleaned out most of the things of the closet in there. The rest of it can be put elsewhere or up in the attic. We'll obviously be sending several things up to the attic for a while....the last thing I want is a cluttered house...especially with a new baby! I want the house to be the epitome of clean and organized by the time baby gets here!! We'll see if that actually happens, but I am determined to get it that way.

We are having a real low-key weekend. Bama's off this weekend, which gives my nerves a break. HA! We have no Halloween plans this year. Saturday we'll obviously be busy getting this stuff ready to go, and we'll probably try to tackle some more things around the house. We're having our friends (and neighbors), Brent & Meredith Panell, over on Sunday. Joseph also worked with Brent at the bank for a few years and they are both from Gadsden too. We all grew up in the same city, the boys worked together, we moved to their neighborhood over 3 years ago and are now neighbors, the boys are in the Pelham BNI networking group together(which they started), and we're both having a baby! I guess we were just destined to become good friends! :-) They are also expecting their first child and are due about 2 weeks before us!! Crazy! We found out they were expecting before we had told anyone yet, and I pretty much had to pick my jaw up off the floor when Joseph told me. I couldn't believe it!! We are so excited for them and they are going to be amazing parents. I hope our children can grow up together and become great friends. We love getting together with them, especially now that we can talk babies. We always have a good time with them. We're really looking forward to hanging out with them Sunday!

I hope you all have a great weekend, Halloween plans or not! At least eat a little candy. ;-)

And I just have to say...this is my favorite pet costume ever. If you're from Alabama, you know what this is. If you don't know...go to and search "Bed Intruder Song."


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