Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Easy Veggie Soup

I've been in a real soup mood lately, so last week, I bought the ingredients to make some vegetable soup and some potato soup. I made the veggie soup on Sunday and used a few tips from my mom to make it. I always ask my mom for tips on how she makes things! :-) I also printed off a recipe from to go by, but basically just threw it all in the pot and let it do it's thing!

Here's the "recipe" I used.

1 big bag Pict Sweet frozen mixed vegetables. I used about 3/4 of the bag for my pot of soup. - my mom uses the ones with tomatoes, but Publix didn't have that kind..booo

A few potatoes peeled and cut up small - I used some medium sized Idaho potatoes because the big bag of them was on sale. You could use any potato you like.

1 box Swanson (or whatever kind you like) beef broth

2 bay leaves - I use them in every kind of dark soup or stew I make

1-2 cans Original RoTel - now this was too spicy for me, so I advise using just plain diced tomatoes

1-2 RoTel can-fulls of water

Salt & Pepper to taste

Directions: (Which involves literally throwing everything in the pot! HA!)
I dumped the veggies in the pot, then added the beef broth, potatoes, bay leaves, tomatoes, & water. I started with about 3/4 can of water, then added more as I felt it needed it. I turned the stove to boiling and let it boil for several minutes. Then I turned it down to about medium-high heat for a while. As it cooked, I checked the flavors and added more water as needed, as well as salt & pepper. Once everything is pretty much tender, I knocked it down to a little above low. This helped it thicken a little and continued to let the flavors marry.

Like I said...really simple...even simpler than I'm making it sound. ;-)

I will definitely be making this a lot during the coming months. Next on the agenda is the potato favorite!!


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