Monday, October 25, 2010

14 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 14 Weeks!
Size of baby: Lemon. About 3.5 in. long, weighs about 1.5 oz.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well, I'll find out tomorrow at my appointment. Yikes! :-)
Maternity Clothes: I love the two pairs of maternity pants I have. They are amazing! Until I get bigger I'm going to try to make do with those and my regular pants. Shirts and dresses are fine.
Gender: Hopefully we'll know in just a few weeks!! I will probably schedule the big ultrasound tomorrow at my appointment. I can't wait to find out!! Also, if you haven't voted in the poll yet, please do!! It's on the sidebar! I love seeing what y'all think! :)
Movement: Not yet, but hopefully in the next few weeks the "flutters" will start!
Food Cravings/Aversions: I've really been liking some Chili Cheese Fritos lately! HA! Still loving some pickles, fruit, and I'm loving milk too. I'm usually not a big milk drinker. I don't really like to drink it straight, but I have found myself doing that lately. I still find myself wanting salty things more than sweet things...not to say that I don't have something sweet every now and then. ;-) The thought of raw chicken grosses me out, so I haven't cooked chicken in WEEKS!
What I miss: I've been dying to have a White Chocolate Peppermint favorite Starbucks drink. ;)
Sleep: Sleep is still pretty good.
Symptoms: Fatigue and slight nausea on occasion (although I did actually get sick one day last week...booo!!...that's 3 times total...I'm not complaining, I've been lucky!), irritability and moodiness, frequent trips to the bathroom (which are slowing down a bit), some food cravings & aversions, and in the past week I've gotten the lovely congestion and runny nose that comes with pregnancy, and supposedly only gets worse as the pregnancy progresses.
Best Moment this week: Yesterday, we started the process of turning the office into the nursery. We were able to kind of merge the guest room and the office together, in order to keep the desk in the house. We still have a couple of pieces to put up in the attic and the room will be ready for furniture and other fun stuff! Of course, I also have to tackle to closet in the future nursery because at the moment, it pretty much serves as a junk closet. I'm so glad we've finally started the process! It's making it feel more real!! :-)

I hope everyone has a great week!!!


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