Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Annie, Annie, Are You Okay?!?!"

I got the idea for the title from my SIL. ;-) (It's a step in the CPR process...of course, you only call them Annie if their name is, in fact, Annie!!) It makes me think of the song "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson.
I missed my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday. I was going to post these pictures when we got back from our CPR class last night, but I was too exhausted and my back was absolutely killing it still is. It started bothering me early yesterday, but by the time we got home, there were times when I was literally crying in pain when I moved a certain way or breathed. The crying only made the pain worse. Sleeping was not fun last night. It's killing me kind of midway up the back on the right side so I'm thinking I may have slept funny the other night or pulled something. It's feeling a little better today, so hopefully it will be close to 100% tomorrow. All those chest compressions definitely couldn't have helped, either!! Joseph mentioned it to his chiropractor this morning, so I may go see him tomorrow if it's still bad.

Here's Joseph in action! Rockin' the 30 chest compressions.....

Then the 2 breaths....

After we finished with the "adult", we practiced with an "infant".....or "alien"???

I had to get a picture made too. It's horribly blurry....I was just working that hard! Ha! ;)

The class was pretty good. I went through certification a couple years ago, but this was a good refresher for me. I definitely want to know what to do if anyone needs help, but especially Hudson! I hope and pray I never need to use what I learned, but if I do, I feel confident I'll know just what to do!

I hope y'all have had a good Thursday! Friday is right around the corner. I'm ready for the weekend!! We don't have anything planned, and that's just fine with me! ;-)


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