Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I discovered Etsy before I got pregnant. I would spend time just browsing through the categories, but loved the kids' stuff!! The majority of their things are handmade and the prices are pretty reasonable. People list their items and you can buy them directly from them. There are some wonderful finds and deals on Etsy. There are also some things that (in my opinion) cost too much money, and are so simple it doesn't make sense to me to pay for it when you can make it yourself for SO much less!!

Like this.....
It's an announcement, on a piece of paper, that you can do yourself in no time! It's meant to be put in a frame. Not knocking the seller...it's a GREAT idea and is very inexpensive, and I'm sure a lot of people would rather pay the money to have it done for them than to take the time to do it themselves. In this case, I'd rather do it myself!

This would all depend on your art skills.....
I'm doing something like this for Hudson's room, but like I said the other day, I'm having the letters appliqued onto the same fabrics we're using for his bedding, and I will finish them by wrapping the canvas tiles in them, stapling the fabric to the back of the tiles(much like recovering a dining room chair), and hanging them on the wall with chocolate brown ribbon. This version looks more like it's painted on to me. Well....I'm not artistic AT. ALL. I can't paint well, draw well, you get the idea. So, if I wanted this look, I'd pay the money, because if I tried it would be one big fail! :-)

As a wall decal like this would be if I tried to do it myself.....

I do plan on ordering some of these.....

Or these....I can't decide!
These are monthly onesie stickers that look like they're part of the shirt when applied. I'll put one on him each month and take his sweet picture for monthly updates! They are adorable on a simple white shirt or onesie!! I can't do these myself, so I don't mind paying $10 for 12 of them!

And how stinkin' cute are these???!?!!!! (the items AND the sweet babies!!)

I CANNOT sew, crochet, knit, NOTHIN'! I'd happily pay $12 for one of these!

I really like Etsy, but I feel that a lot of the items are things you can easily do yourself. It just depends on how willing or able you are to do so. And if you'd rather pay the money to have it done for you, that's fine.....sometimes I definitely think it's worth it to just have things done for me...whether to save my sanity, time, or the trouble. I like to browse not only to find things that I DO want to order soon, but also to find ideas for things I can make myself. I recommend checking it out, but you have to browse through a bit to find the really good deals/finds. It's also a great place to get ideas, as I said. I haven't bought anything yet (although my mom did get my camera strap there), but I do plan on at least ordering the stickers in the next couple of months. I will continue using it as an idea site, and order the things I either can't live without, or can't make myself! HA! ;-)


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