Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Smile For The Camera!

OK, that's not really a smile, but it'll do! ;)

Hudson (who's DEFINITELY a Hudson by the way) was a little stubborn today (can't imagine where he gets that from) and wasn't very active during the ultrasound but we still managed to get some great pictures and video of him! He likes to keep his hands right up at his face, and the umbilical cord was close to his face a lot of the time. He is just the most handsome thing ever! I know I'm a little biased here, but he is most definitely a looker! ;) He looks a lot like Joseph to me. I see some of me in him, but I see a LOT of Joseph! He has the cutest nose and lips, and a great profile! Most importantly, he is healthy and seems to be quite content in there. I'm afraid it may take a lot of bribing to get him to come out! HA! He is head down and his feet are buried into my ribs. (I already knew this, haha!) He is all snuggled into me and is very comfortable. I think he's going to be mommy's snuggle buddy! :-) I am SO glad we decided to get the 4D done. It was an absolutely incredible experience. I'm also glad our parents were able to come with us. It's something none of us will ever forget!! We all can't wait to meet our sweet little guy in just a couple of months. I'll scan more pictures tomorrow at work and they'll (hopefully) be a lot better quality. I took these from my phone. Here's one more. :-) (I'll post more tomorrow and I'll also post the link to the video Joseph is going to make later. He made one for the 18 week u/s, so you KNOW he's gonna do one for this!) ;)

Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday!! I could really get used to this weather!!!


  1. Yes, he's extremely CUTE! I'm not just saying that because I'm his aunt....I just happen to know these things=)


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