Monday, April 04, 2011

37 Weeks = Full-Term!!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 37 Weeks! Hudson is officially full-term!
Size of baby: Between 19 & 22 inches long, and the size of a watermelon! Weighs around 7 lbs!! I'm dying to know how much he actually weighs!
Total Weight Gain: From here on out, I'll say 25+. :-)
Maternity Clothes: Pants, some shirts, and a couple of dresses. I have only a few regular things I can wear and I pretty much live in the same few outfits because I refuse to buy anymore maternity clothes since I'm so close to the end. I'm ready for my normal clothes...AND my normal body back! :)
Stretch Marks: No. But I have "the line" down my belly. I kept expecting it to get darker but it never did. It's pretty faint.
Belly button in or out: Well, the top part is popping out, and the rest is not too far behind.
Gender: BOY! Hudson Thomas Puckett :)
Movement: Yes! I feel him every day, on and off throughout the day. He is a very active little boy and really likes to play about the time I'm going to bed. ;) His favorite times to move are in the mid-morning and in the evening. He enjoys jabbing me right above me belly button (over, and over, and over), and in my right ribs. :-) It's not the most comfortable thing in the world at this point, but I still love feeling him move all the time. I'm convinced he's trying to figure out a way to bust out with all the moving he's doing in there! HA!
Food Cravings/Aversions: I am finding that I want sweets more lately. Mostly, I just like food in general, but get very full, very fast! I'd rather snack around on small things throughout the day than eat one big meal.
What I miss: Sleeping comfortably, moving comfortably, living comfortably....ha! ;-)
Sleep: I have a hard time getting comfortable at night, and the days of sleeping in are a thing of the past! I have to switch sides every couple of hours. My hips and legs hurt and my arms go numb. Flipping over is a serious workout though. This carpal tunnel is bad at night too. When I move my hands after they've been in one position for a while, I want to cry it hurts so bad!
Symptoms: Fatigue(more like exhaustion), backaches, shortness of breath, frequent urination, being hot, and carpal tunnel that kicked in a couple of weeks ago (ouch)!
Best Moment this week: Reaching 37 weeks. That is such a huge milestone and is a relief to know that if he came today he'd be ready for the outside world. Of course, I want him to continue baking a little bit longer...but I wouldn't mind if he decided to come on in the next week or two. ;) I am SO ready to meet him and kiss his sweet little face!! We picked up some things we needed for him this weekend. We got things he'll (or we'll) need right away or in the first couple months. I've got my bag packed with everything except for the things I use every day, and his laundry is done and his bag is almost fully packed too. I feel so much more prepared now and feel that if he comes early, we'll be ready for him! ;-)

I hope you have a great Monday! Maybe the weather won't get too nasty!!


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