Monday, April 18, 2011

Still Bakin'

Whoops......I told you I wouldn't go more than a day or so without posting. My bad! ;-) We did some things around the house and ran some errands this weekend, and I just never found my way to the computer to post anything. Saturday, we got a new (to us) ride. We've been a one-car family for several months and it was time to add a second vehicle again. We got tired of paying 2 ridiculous car payments and since we were working and went everywhere together anyway, we decided to get rid of Joseph's truck. It was nice losing that car payment, but having just one vehicle can be a little frustrating! ;-) We got a nice 2006 Ford Explorer that will be great for us as a family, vacations, etc. We didn't want or need anything too fancy or new...nor do we need a payment for that! HA! We also didn't want anything too pricey. We're not in a position to pay tons of money for a new car. We got it for a great price! It does, however, have a third row seat, leather (for the munchkin and dogs), and the ever important sunroof! I have had a sunroof in every car I've ever had and I have a thing about them. I have to have one. Weird, I know! ;) Most importantly, it's safe, rides great, and will be wonderful for our growing family! The little Accord is nice, but it just doesn't have enough room. I had a 2004 Explorer a couple years back, but didn't like the way it drove (like a big truck!!!), so we traded it for the Accord, which we love and plan on keeping for a long time! This one drives SO much smoother and I was automatically comfortable the first time I drove it. I think it will be great for us for a good while!

I have a tradition when I get a new car...the first thing I do is put my Alabama tag on the front! Well, somehow we lost the one that was on Joseph's truck, so we had to buy a new one. The Explorer is blue so we went with a nice red tag so it stands out from afar! HA! It needs to be known that we're Bama fans! ;) We went to Sports Mania in the Parkway Place Mall and got one, and also got ourselves a tasty treat from Ben & Jerry's. Joseph got a cookies & cream cone and I got a "Berry Nice" was delish...and fat free!! BONUS! We ended the day by picking up some Japanese was. horrible. Just sayin'. We got home and ate, and we threw away SO much of our dinners. It was just awful!!

Yesterday, we had a very lazy morning. We were exhausted for some reason...well, I know why I am....ha! I also hardly got any sleep the night before, so that didn't help. Joseph moved things around in the garage to make room for an extra car in the garage. I am happy to announce they both fit! Our other house had a tiny garage that could probably fit 2 cars, if one is a tiny Smart Car! It's nice to be able to house both of them in the garage now! We finally got out and about for the afternoon. We went to see a movie and had dinner at P.F. Chang's. It was delicious!! The best part of the evening came when they brought out the fortune cookies. I don't like them, don't ask why, I do not know, but I do open them to see my fortune! HA!
I don't take these things seriously, but when I read this, I DIED laughing!!! It makes me wonder if the waitress picked this one out and brought it just to play with me! Haha!

Before heading home last night, we made our weekly trip to Publix. This trip was mostly for snacks for the hospital (because hopefully we'll be there this week!!!!) and some things to get us by before then. I picked up a fresh pineapple and cut it up when we got home. I've heard it has an enzyme in it that act likes prostaglandin, which aids in the ripening and softening of the cervix. TMI? Probably! ;) The enzyme diminishes over time so I have to eat it sooner than later. I've been eating a few bites every time I go to the fridge. Even if it has no effect, at least it's tasty!

So, I'm just sitting here waiting....patiently.....OK, maybe not so patiently, but I'm waiting. We have our 39 week appointment tomorrow morning and I'm hoping for some good news. I'm hoping we are either sent straight to the hospital or we set a date for induction for this week. I KNOW it would be better for him to come on his own, but logistically, it just makes sense to induce, if it's OK with the doc. Being 2+ hours away from the hospital makes me nervous! I'm terrified of not getting there in time. I'll do my 39 week post in a little while. Nothing has really changed..except maybe the size of the ever-growing belly! HA! Y'all have a good Monday!


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