Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Motto: Be Prepared

Oh wait...that's the boy scouts' motto......well, it's currently my motto too!! ;) I've had our bags packed for a couple of weeks now, but everything is officially 100% ready...for Hudson anyway. All I lack packing is just the little things I use everyday, blow dryer, flat iron, makeup, contact case, glasses, etc. Other than that, I have us fully packed. Joseph has his bag pretty much done too, with the exception of his everyday necessities too. I have a Ziploc bag full of travel size toiletries for us to use so we don't have to worry about packing our full-size items. Saves packing time and space! :)

I have packed and repacked Hudson's bag at least 4 times, and I think I finally 100% approve of everything in it. HA! I also packed his diaper bag with some things for the ride home, in the event we need to stop to change him, feed him, etc. His car seat is in the car ready to go so all we have to do is throw our things in the car and hit the road! That's a good feeling, but I'm sure there's still something I'll forget. I'm pretty sure I've remembered all the important things and I know that the hospital will have things I can use too in the event I forget something. All in all, I feel pretty much as I can be. Ask me how prepared I feel once I get to hospital and am in might be a different story! HA!!

I hope you're having a fabulous Thursday!! The weekend is near!! Hooray!!


  1. I have a pile of William's things sitting in the floor of his nursery that look just like that!

  2. The great thing is, that most of the things you need for him the hospital will provide, and you get to take home the left overs! We got to take home the brush,comb, thermometer, diapers, wipes, and bulb serenge with both babies. I learned the hard way with Jackson that you can't buy bulb serenges exactly like the ones from the hospital. I bought about 4 different kinds after using the one we had taken home from the hospital so much that it tore apart. None of them even came close to working as good. I got a nurse friend of mine to sneak one out for me. Then when Meredith was born, I got hers and asked for an extra when we left, so now I have three!! They are a life saver when the babies get colds!


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