Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Appointment Update

We had our 37 week appointment this morning and it went well. My BP was back down to normal, thank goodness, and the lab work they did last week came back good. The doctor had them draw my blood again though because one "unspecified" number (whatever THAT means) was slightly elevated so she wanted to check it again. It's nothing at all to be worried about, she just wants to double-check. As far as progress goes, I am dilated 1/2 centimeter and 50% effaced! I'm hoping this is a good sign and I continue to progress. She estimates he weighs between 7 and 7 1/2 pounds! We go back on Monday and I'd LOVE to see even more progress. I've had a lot of pressure the past several days, including a GOOD bit today. Sometimes it is quite painful and takes me by surprise. I have Braxton Hicks every now and then too. I'm just waiting for something crazy to happen, like my water breaking in the middle of Publix or Target. HA! Probably won't happen, but it crosses my mind a lot. I guess that's normal. ;) Joseph told me he has the 15th stuck in his head and thinks he'll come then. We shall see! That'd be fine with mommy! :-)

Our friends, Brent & Meredith had their sweet baby girl this afternoon and we went down to Birmingham to see them and meet the little princess. We were only an hour away, in Cullman, so we decided to visit them and take them some lunch. Miss Madeline was born at 12:42, weighing in at 7 lbs, 6 oz and 21 inches long. She is beautiful with a full head of dark hair! She is the sweetest baby!I know...she looks ridiculously beautiful and just had a baby!! ;)

Joseph got a little practice. So cute. :)

Congratulations guys, we are so happy for you and can't wait to bring Madeline's boyfriend into the world so they can meet!! HA!

I hope y'all had a great Tuesday!! I'm hoping to get the letters up in the next day or two so I can post some pictures of the finished product. The chair came yesterday and it looks great!! The letters will complete the look.

I also have an unspoken prayer request for a friend. God knows the need and I ask that if you could, just say a prayer for her and her husband. They are hurting and need strength and peace right now. Thanks guys.

Have a great Hump Day!!


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