Sunday, December 19, 2010

"The Appetite" Has Arrived......

So far, I've avoided the "truck driver" appetite they say you get at some point in your second trimester. (I just realized today that I have only like 5 more weeks in the second trimester BTW!!)
Well....I believe "The Appetite" has set in. It didn't really hit me until just a little while ago, when I found myself about to scrounge around for my second dinner of the evening! HA! I stopped and thought, "Whoa, Nellie...back away from the fridge!" Granted, I need to eat when I'm's not healthy to let myself go hungry in my condition! BUT, I've got to remember to be wise about what I DO eat.

Looking back over the last few days, I see where I have been more hungry than usual, needing to take more snacks to work, etc. Friday I stayed home for the furniture delivery and ate a small breakfast, a small early lunch, small late lunch, and several snacks throughout the day. I made sure they were healthy options, though, but I am human...I do give in to that sweet tooth (or salty tooth in my case lately!) every now and then. I've been trying to eat a lot of fruits, cheeses, wheat crackers, granola bars....healthy things like that. Luckily, I like those things, so that makes it a little easier. I did enjoy a few chicken fajitas from Habaneros for dinner though! YUM! The last time I tried to eat some my body decided it did not want them, and that was a long time ago so they were more delicious than usual this time! ;)

Anyway...what's the point of this post? There is none really. I just felt the need to blog..I try to do so at least every other day....and to let you know that I've been hit with the "hearty appetite" I've read about for weeks and weeks now. So, if you see me scarfing down 2 orders of Big Macs and fries in one sitting...PLEASE take them away from me and hand me some carrot sticks and a salad instead! HA!

I hope y'all have had a great weekend!


  1. My truck driver appetite has also set in. I'm constantly hungry. I'm trying to offset the appetite with walking at least 3 times a week. So anytime you would like to grab a bite to eat, I'll totally be your partner in crime!


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