Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What A Difference 15 Weeks Makes.....

I was looking through some bump photos the other day and was amazed at how much things have changed! I've taken a picture every week since the day we found out we were expecting....at 4 weeks! I did this so I could have the weekly progress for myself, even though there wasn't much change for a long time. I just wanted the memories of it.

See for yourself.....

Here is my 5 week picture...obviously...nothing was going on yet. It was basically the starting point.
I feel like I was so skinny...even though I wasn't all that thin when I got pregnant...in my opinion anyway. I needed to drop at least 10 pounds.

Here is the latest picture, at 20 weeks!
I have no idea why this week's picture is so dark.
**I always forget that I have this free Photoshop Express app on my phone, so I brightened up the pic and played with it a little, and re-uploaded it!!**

I know I still have LOTS of growing to do, and I'll look back on this one and think, "WOW, I was so small!" HA!

So, I got my camera on Friday and have had fun using it. Unfortunately, we haven't been anywhere that I can take some really good pictures, so the only ones I've taken are of things around the house and the office. I can't wait to use it at Christmas and other gatherings!

Here are a few pictures I took this weekend around the house.....

The pups love the new camera....the sounds and flash intrigue them.

None of them are really impressive, but just the difference in the picture quality between my new Canon and my little Sony Cybershot is amazing! I didn't really play with any Photoshop this weekend, because I have been absolutely exhausted, and looking at a computer screen makes my eyes hurt worse than they already do! I need one good day to just sleep! HA! I think all this gymnastics that Hudson has been doing is making me even more tired. ;) Hopefully I can sit down and read the manual and slowly figure all of this stuff out. I've been keeping it on the basic settings for now, but would like to learn how to operate the manual settings sooner than later. Why have this awesome camera if I can't use it to its full potential?!?!

I hope you're having a great week (so far) and you're staying warm! :)


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