Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 Months (A Day Late)

Hudson you are 4 MONTHS OLD! I'm not sure how this is possible, because just yesterday you were my tiny little newborn baby. Now you are starting to look, and act, like a little boy. This can't be right!

  • We go to the doctor tomorrow so I don't have official stats, but according to our home scale and measuring tape, you weigh around 16 pounds and are 26 inches long!!
  • You wear a size 2 diaper.
  • You are wearing 3-6 months clothes, but 6 months fits you best.
  • You eat about 4 ounces every 3 hours or so. Sometimes you can go longer, sometimes you want it sooner.
  • Sleep went downhill after your 2 month shots, and went even further downhill when you learned to roll from your tummy to your back. You were rolling over after just about an hour or so, but the past few nights you've been sleeping about 4-5 hours on your tummy before you roll over, then wake up and need to eat. After you eat, you'll go down on your tummy about an hour and I'll bring you in bed with me. It's the only way we get sleep, so I do it for a couple hours.
  • You still go to sleep around 11 or so, sometimes around 10. I think you're slowly going down earlier and earlier....I hope so anyway! :-)
  • You still hate sleeping on your back.
  • You haven't figured out how to roll from your back to your tummy yet, but you're getting really close.
  • You are grabbing anything and everything.
  • You are also putting said anything and everything in your mouth! HA!
  • You are a drool monster and keep your clothes, toys, blankets, sheets, and me, wet.
  • Anything with a light fascinates you....our phones, computers, the TV.....
  • You are really noticing the dogs now and smile and laugh at them a lot. It's cute!
  • You are not the best napper. It's either hit or miss. You catnap a good bit but rarely take a good long nap.
  • You LOVE being sat or stood up. The jumperoo has been a lifesaver. You love it and will jump up and down and squeal and laugh forever! You're starting to like your Bumbo a little small doses.
  • I think if it were up to you, you'd just get up and start walking around. I can tell you are dying to be mobile!
  • We've tried a tad bit of rice cereal a couple of times and you're not a fan at all.
  • I've also just tried putting some milk on the spoon and you like that. You're getting better with the spoon, maybe you're just going to skip the rice cereal. We'll see if you ever take to it. I know you're still a little young for that though and it will come in time.
  • You are a Chatty McChatterson! You "talk" nonstop and we love it!
  • You have SO much personality.
  • Sometimes you get stranger/separation anxiety and will cry for a little bit.
  • You love your daddy and light up when you see him. You hardly ever take your eyes off of him. You're best buddies!
  • You don't have any teeth coming in but I think you're teething. I can tell your gums bother you occasionally and a little Tylenol helps. You take that willingly, but your vitamin drops have to be put in your bottle. You hate the taste of them! You like to chew on your hands nonstop, as well as anything around you....preferably something softer, like a blanket.
  • You have the sweetest smile and laugh ever, and Mommy and Daddy will do just about anything to get a smile or laugh from you.

Our hearts are so full and we continue to be amazed at how much we love you! We just sit and talk about how we can't believe we made you. You are absolutely amazing and the best thing that ever happened to us. You have so many people who love you and you are one blessed little boy.

We are also so blessed to have you, sweet boy! We love you to pieces!

And now for the photoshoot. ;)


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