Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our First Solids

Well, it's the day after shots and we've done a lot of this......

and this.....

Seems as though they've made us a little tired.

Last night we experimented with a little bit of carrots.

The whole spoon thing is a little weird to us.....

But, I think we like them...apprehensively.

We tried them again a little while ago and seemed to enjoy them more than yesterday. We're still getting used to the spoon and the new textures, but I think carrots will soon be a favorite. We tried a little oatmeal this morning and wanted no part of it...same as the rice cereal. Maybe he'll start coming around, or maybe those will be things we never learn to like, only time will tell. At this point we're just learning to use a spoon and experimenting with the foods and textures. :-)


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