Friday, August 26, 2011

The Latest....

Well, the teething fairy devil is visiting us and there's some serious teething going on. The past few days have been a little rough and Hudson has been quite fussy and has been massaging his gums like there is no tomorrow. The drool is out of control too! He's been getting good use out of the teething rings, as well as his fingers and anything else he can find. Tylenol helps for a short time, but wears off pretty quickly (or so it seems anyway). I plan on going to get some teething gel and some Hyland's Teething Tablets. I hear they are really good so I'm going to try them out. I'm open to any other suggestions you have for relieving the pain and discomfort of teething!

In the midst of all that, we're still experimenting with solids. We may not like rice cereal, but oatmeal is a hit.

As are apples....

We had a busy day yesterday. We drove down to Gadsden to visit with my parents and grandparents. We try to go down at least every few weeks to see them, especially my grandparents because it's not too easy for them to make the trip up here. My Fatdaddy is alone now and cannot see or hear much of anything so he's pretty much a shut-in. He loves getting to see Hudson and I love seeing them together. Hudson was very tired and fussy yesterday and it was a tough trip. As hard as it is to get around and spend a little bit of time with everyone(especially having to get him in and out of the carseat 20 times in this heat), I enjoy those days very much. We had a come-apart on the way home though...we usually have to stop in Guntersville to eat a little bit and stretch. We always make it all the way TO Gadsden, just can't make it all the way FROM Gadsden. Well, he started up right after I passed the last bit of Guntersville. After that, there's nothing for a good ways and I wasn't about to pull over on the side of the road for someone to hit us or something. He screamed like I have NEVER heard him scream before. I was afraid he was going to hyperventilate he was crying so hard. We made it to about New Hope and stopped at a random gas station that's pretty much all by itself. I hate stopping by myself, but sometimes you have to. I always get in the backseat with him and lock the doors. He ate 4 ounces, stretched a bit, and played with Mommy for about 20-30 minutes and he was good to go and fell asleep almost as soon as we started going again and slept until we got home. I always try to make sure he eats good before we head to or from Gadsden, but sometimes he doesn't eat enough. It's hard when I'm handling it all on my own, but when I make the trip by myself I have to just suck it up and deal. I don't know how single parents do it. I commend you!! Needless to say, we were both stressed to the max and exhausted when we got home last night. I'd like to say he slept like a champ because of it but I can't. He slept a few hours before having to eat, then another 3 1/2 before getting up again. If you have any sleep training tips that worked for you I'd love to hear them. I think it may be time to start that around here. He doesn't sleep well at night, then naps rarely during the day. I am tired, obviously, but I am more worried about him not getting all the sleep he should be getting. I know he'll start sleeping better eventually, but if there is any kind of training I can do that will help, I'm open to trying it! I'm not a fan of crying it out, but who may be what he needs. I'd like to exhaust every other effort before I try that though.

Due to our tiring day yesterday, we have laid low today and relaxed.

We watched a little Sweet Home Alabama...the movie, NOT the horrible reality show!

"Like the drool on my shirt?"

Checking out the fingers.


Got caught sleeping in our jumperoo! I mean, obviously he's gotta be pretty tired for that to happen..right? I thought this was the beginning of a much-needed nap, but he woke up a few minutes after I put him down. He can fight sleep like nobody I've ever seen!

Y'all have a great weekend!!


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