Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Determined (and Silly) Boy

No, your eyes are not deceiving you...Hudson is holding his bottle all by himself! He's starting to want to "help out" with feedings! HA! He doesn't do it often, but every now and then he sticks both hands up there and holds it perfectly, so I let him for a few seconds. He can really only do it when the bottle isn't too full.
(FYI: That little yellow thing on the bottle is a sticky note. I put them on bottles so I remember when they were pumped!)

Like I've mentioned before, Hudson is so over laying down. He wants to sit or stand up all the time. He doesn't like his Bumbo for more than a few minutes at a time right now, so this means Mommy is holding Hudson a LOT! (Which is one reason he's getting a jumperoo) You can see he's trying so hard to sit up after I put him on his lounger. This is a constant thing now. He either tries to sit up, cries, or cries while trying to sit up when you put him on it. Unless he's being fed, or incredibly tired....he'll tolerate it then. ;-)

He's starting to become fond of this Froggy toy. It has rubbery feet so he can teeth on it, but he likes chewing on the soft part of it too. He was talking away at it earlier this morning and I thought it was hilarious. He was really getting cracked up at himself.

And what do you do when you're done talking to your Froggy friend? Why, you eat him of course! :-) Silly boy.


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