Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Feet

Well, we're not putting them in our mouth yet, but that's probably not too far away......

He was seriously scoping them out earlier today and I was doing something on the computer so I wasn't looking at him but when I did look up, he was definitely close to them as if he was trying to figure out a way to shove them in his pie-hole. There was a good amount of drool around his calf also. Hmmm.....
And what about those eyebrows?!!?! Goodness.

His face was a lot closer to the foot than the picture depicts. He had sat up a good bit when I caught him! ;-)

In other news, Hudson is officially rolling over both ways now. This morning after he woke up and ate, I laid him on the bed with me and he went from back to tummy in probably a minute or less. It's like something clicked and BAM, he knew how to do it. He's been rolling from tummy to back for a couple weeks now(which means it's been interfering with sleep for a couple of weeks!) but hadn't figured out the other way until today. Soon he'll be doing it so good he'll be a rolling machine all over the house. It scares me a little that he's no longer just a bump on a log that I can lay anywhere. He's getting more and more mobile! :)

4 more days til Alabama football!!


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