Sunday, April 07, 2013

Beautiful Spring Weekend!

We had a GREAT weekend, and I'm plum exhausted! I've been so busy the last couple days that I haven't been able to think about sitting down to the blog.
Here's a recap of our weekend...

Friday, Hudson and I met daddy at Outback for dinner, then stopped by Target (are you surprised?). Joseph has been nagging me to death about wanting a little desk in the living room where he can work. I have been fighting this for many reasons, but mostly because I did not want to clutter up the house with too much furniture. I finally gave in and we now have this new addition....
Our furniture arrangement had to be moved back to its Christmas position, but that's OK. It works out fine, I guess.
But I wasn't giving into this deal unless there was something in it for me. ;-)

I've been wanting a new entryway table for a while now and I just LOVE this blue color! It's smaller than the other one and fits the space so much better. Our front door would smack the other table every time it was opened. The decorating/arranging of the table is still in progress. I just threw it all up there for a pic.

Saturday, a certain little guy slept until 9:45!!! YES! On a SATURDAY!! It was glorious! I had time to get ready...shower, makeup, hair, the works, and he was STILL down. Once he finally woke up, we decided to head to Cracker Barrel for breakfast brunch.
Y'all. I was actually able to eat. Like, pancakes, turkey sausage, a few bites of eggs, and some delicious OJ. It was amazing and I kept it down! HA!
Decisions, decisions. 

That night, mama and daddy got a little date night.
We kicked off the evening with the last of Hudson's birthday shopping. Nothing like making your way through a 5,000,000 sq ft (I may be exaggerating a tad) store with tons of crazy shoppers to get your date night started. :)
And if you want to feel old, have dinner at PF Chang's with about 50 high school kids ready for their prom.(was my prom really 11 years ago??!!?) I felt like a chaperone. There were lots of pretty sparkles, though. I might have been tempted to poke out the belly(which isn't that hard to do after a big meal from PF Chang's) and say something like "You better be careful, kids." Sometimes a good scare is all a teenager needs. HA!

To round out date night, we saw G.I. Joe Retaliation in 3D. It was good, but kinda disappointing at the same time. I won't go into why, 'cause I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone.

Someone slept in again this morning...until TEN!! I mean, what's going on here??? Now he's acting more like my child. haha! Then he napped for 3.5 hours this afternoon! Growth spurt much?? 
If he keeps this up, he'll be 6 feet tall in no time.
After lunchtime, we took him for a tiny little trim, mostly to the back of his hair which was getting a tad long. He did SO good with it this time around and didn't hesitate to help himself to a sucker before we left. HA! He even offered to share. 

Since he napped so long, there wasn't too much daylight left for playing but we managed to soak up the last few minutes of it outside.
 Practicing for the big leagues. (notice the batting face)
 He might need just a little more practice.

It's not Spring until you fire up the grill for the first time!! Burgers, hot dogs, and corn! Yum yum! 
I even whipped up some tasty burger sauce...a little ketchup, mayo, sweet pickle relish, and a splash of white vinegar. Delish! I call it fancy sauce. That's what Will Ferrell calls the ketchup and mayo mixed together that his mom makes him in Step Brothers. It's pretty much the same sauce In-N-Out serves, I believe. One day, I'll get to eat one of those burgers!
And don't forget the homemade strawberry cobbler! O.M.G. Slap yo mama!!!
Recipe to come. So easy.

How did you spend your weekend?? I hope you got to enjoy the beautiful weather!


  1. Beautiful entry table! I love the color and I want to come to your house for dinner :)

  2. OMG I'm jealous of Outback! I have a weird love for chain restaurants! I love the wedge salad and sangria sampler! And I made a target run myself on Sunday and girl, it's a good thing that I don't have one near by! 2 nail polishes and 3 swimsuits later, I finally got out of there!


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