Friday, April 26, 2013

Monogram Sale?

First of all, THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH for the sweet words and congratulations on our sweet Raegan Elise and Grayson Wells. We are overjoyed and can't wait to welcome them into the world and complete our family. 

Also, I went through Hudson's old clothes this morning and cleaned out things that are too small (and that will go to Grayson). I also picked out all of his nice monogrammed items to sell. They are all in very good condition, from a clean and smoke-free home, and I'd LOVE for another precious Hudson to be able to wear them. I'm probably going to post a public album on Facebook, which I will link back here, so if you know anyone who has or is having a Hudson send them my way! I still have one last box of his really small clothes to go through, and I know there are some monogrammed things in it as well, but I'll have to get Joseph to get that box down from the attic for me. I'll share the link to the album when I make it, which could even be today. There are a lot of simple monogrammed onesies, as well as cute Summer sets, shortalls, etc. I also have several nice, clean, and stain-free bibs and burp cloths that will be in the album. They are also monogrammed, SUPER cute, and in great condition.

Oh, and also....

Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. one of my friends has a Hudson! I'd love to see what you have and maybe get some stuff for our friends.


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