Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our First Toms

Well, actually, Hudson's had some Toms before but outgrew them pretty quickly last Summer. I've been wanting a pair but was just concerned about how durable and comfortable they were, and how well they'd fit. I decided to get Hudson a new pair so I threw in a pair for myself while I was at it. 
(I offered to get Joseph a pair but they're not his style.)

The UPS man delivered them this morning and we immediately had to break them in!! 
 Hudson loves shoes and hates when I take them off! Just a year ago, it took an army to get him to keep them on. He's growing up on me and I don't like it!
I got him the Tiny Classics in chocolate. I figured they'd be a great neutral color to go with everything. The beige was just a little too light and I knew it'd show dirt easily.

I decided on the Hemp Trim Classics and couldn't be happier! They'll go with practically everything since they're neutral, but they also have a little pop of personality!
I've worn them around the house all day and they are SO comfortable!! I ordered my normal size and they fit great. I like them so much I think I'll get another pair soon. Maybe something fun, like red or turquoise.

I love getting little packages every now and then, especially shoes!! I have a feeling these babies will be on my feet a LOT over the next few months, which is good since they're not the cheapest things in the world.

Have you ever tried out Toms? What do you think of them?


  1. I don't own any Toms but I think they are really cute! I tried on one pair and they were really uncomfortable to me. I have heard that you have to break them in and then they are really comfy. It's awesome that yours are already comfy!

  2. I love my Toms! They are by the most comfortable shoe ever! I have a pair of cream colored ones and I have to clean them every now and then, but they have held up very well! I hope you enjoy them and wear them out ;) They stay comfy forever!


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