Thursday, April 25, 2013


We got to see our little babes yesterday AND find out that we're expecting a little boy and a little girl!! We tried not to get our hopes up, but we were REALLY wanting to find out what we were having at this appointment. When the ultrasound tech brought it up before we did, we jumped on the chance to find out!!  We're not the patient kind of people who can wait until delivery to find out the gender...especially with twins! I think that's really fun but I could never do it.
She was able to to identify little miss first, then it became VERY clear that Baby "A" was a HE!! (if you know what I mean!)

Up until the last few weeks, I had no vibe about who was in there. I've had a boy/girl feeling for the last few weeks and I can't believe I was right. Joseph also thought right all along. For the record, he ALSO was the one who pushed me to take a pregnancy test, mentioned that it could be twins at LEAST two times before we found out, then has all along said it was a boy and a girl. I think he should start a psychic network, no??? ;)

The most important thing to us to find out is that the babies are healthy, which they are. For that we are so thankful. It's just icing on the cake to find out we'll be adding a precious boy AND a girl to our family.

Now, for the names. Since I can remember I've wanted to use Rae for my girl's middle name one day. My grandmother (who passed away almost 2 years ago) was named Rae. I called her "Rae Rae". If Hudson had been a girl, his middle name would've been Rae. We chose Thomas for him, after my grandfather and Joseph's father. We decided that if we were having 2 girls, one would get the middle name Rae and one would get the middle name Elise, which is my middle name. I dropped it and kept my maiden name after I got married so I'm excited to bring it back into the family. Since we've both had the boy/girl vibe, we decided the girl's name would be Raegan Elise. It's usually spelled "Reagan" but we changed it to be "Rae"gan, after my grandmother. We both fell in love with it immediately and knew that was our girl's name. If there had been two girls, we'd have been in trouble. We are super picky about first names.

For our boy, we knew we wanted his middle name to be "Wells", after his sweet grandfather who passed away before we got married....George Wells Puckett. He and Joseph were very close. First names for boys are SO hard!! It took us forever to settle on Hudson. Joseph campaigned REALLY hard for another George, but we found Grayson (which we'd both heard of before, obviously) and really liked how it sounded with Wells, and fit in with the rest of the names. It also keeps the same initials as his grandfather...GWP, which we think is cool and special. 

As clueless as we were about names just a couple weeks ago, we were able to fall in love with the perfect ones for our children pretty quickly. We can't wait (OK, maybe a few months to get things ready) to have Grayson and Raegan here with our sweet Hudson!!! Our family will be complete and we know Hudson will be the best big brother ever!!

First purchases for the twins. I'm not used to flowers and pink things!! HAHA!

I am thankful that we've kept all of Hudson's clothes so Grayson can use some of them and save mama and daddy at least a little money. ;)
While Grayson is the wild child, moving and kicking around everywhere, Raegan seems to be the more reserved of the two right now. You can see Grayson's profile perfectly, but Raegan seems to like laying on her tummy with her head down. She's looking forward in the ultrasound picture, hence the skeleton face. :) She's also breach right now so I'm hoping she decides to move and change positions over the next several weeks. 

We go back in 4 weeks for our big anatomy scan. This is the scan in which they will look at every single organ and nook and cranny of the twins, one at a time. Although I have faith that everything will be OK with them, I'm still nervous and am hoping and praying for a good report!
We are overjoyed to be adding them to our family and can't wait to meet them! We feel so blessed.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I came across your blog from the fitness post @ Kelly's Korner. I live in Alabama also, Baldwin County.

  2. I'm just so happy for you. I don't even have any words. It's just such a blessing. And I LOVE the names!

  3. So exciting! Oh my goodness! I love love love the names. I know it really doesn't matter what I think (or anyone else for that matter) but they are really good ones. I knew they would be though because I love the name Hudson too!


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