Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Party Day is Approaching

We are under 3 days from our sweet boy's 2nd birthday, and the big party, and it feels so good to say things are READY!! We still have to set it all up, but that will be easy since it's all done and ready to go. There's a minor hiccup with his birthday shirt but it should (better) be here by Friday. Everything that's in my control is done though. HA! It's going to be so stinkin' cute and I cannot wait to show you all the pictures in a few days.
I've channeled my inner Vila as I've assembled toys, carefully glued cute party decor together(after cutting them in ever so perfect straight lines...did you hear the sarcasm there?), and constructed a fun game out of a project board using glue, some pieces of paper, and a box cutter. I love planning parties. It brings out my inner Martha Stewart.

In other news....have you ever had a coke float? Oh man, I love a good coke float!
Ever had a Grapico float??
Holy cow!! It's kinda like a quick & easy grape milkshake....but not.
I kinda wish I hadn't discovered how much I like this. I might have to dispose of all the Grapico in my pantry that's still in there from the cupcakes I made a while back.

Also, yesterday I hit 16 weeks, and there's no sucking this belly in any longer.
I bit the bullet and bought a pair of maternity pants for the Spring/Summer. Target actually had some really cute mint cropped jeans and I'm in love! They're still a little loose at the moment but so so so much more comfortable than that stupid Beband wrapped around my other jeans that I have to adjust every time I move! That thing gets old and I'm sure it looks super attractive to others when I'm pulling and tugging on it every time I stand up. 
I'm still feeling great and for that I'm thankful. We go in a week for our 17 week checkup and ultrasound and I don't care what I have to do to walk away knowing who's growing in there, WE ARE GONNA FIND OUT!!! Seriously, I'll do anything! Ya know...within reason and all. I'm not looking for anymore surprises, mmk? ;)

I hope your Wednesday treated you well. If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's just because I'm a busy bee preparing for the party of the year!! 


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