Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birthday Week Kick-off!

My baby turns 2 in just 6 days. SIX!!!! How in the world that is possible is beyond me. I will probably be a little more emotional than the average pregnant woman over the next few days. Just a fair warning.
We kicked off his birthday week by giving him his first gift.(which also happened to be his biggest gift..who says you have to save the best for last?!?!?) And it's not the kind of gift you can just "give" to a toddler. We went ahead and got his big present set up and ready to go...mostly because we only had 5 days after it came in to pick it up so it had to go ahead and be put up too.
We pondered and pondered about whether or not to get him a new swing set, how big of a swing set to get him, and what kind to get him.
We considered investing in a really nice wooden play set that will last years and years, but since we'll probably be moving into a bigger house next February or so, we thought we'd hold out on that until we build our home in the next 2-3 years. We settled on a nice, big plastic one that should last us at least a few years. My dad(and mom) came up yesterday so we could use his truck to haul it back to our house(a 7+ ft long box won't fix in an Explorer), and he was so sweet to help Joseph put it together yesterday afternoon. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
You're the best Russ-man Hudson could have!!!
It took them almost 3 hours and all of Hudson's nap time, which worked out perfectly.
It wasn't too hard, but was certainly a beast.
The "Vila boys" did an awesome job!!!
 As soon as the sleepyhead woke up from his nap, we took him out to see what awaited him. 
Boy is in heaven!!
The finished product! Great job, guys! We're really pleased with our decision. This will hold up for a good while, but will also be a lot easier to take down when we move than a huge wooden one would be.

 That face says it all!!
 Happy early Birthday, sweet boy! There's more where that came from! (although the rest isn't near that big!) ;-) It's going to be a fun Summer in our backyard!! I'm probably more excited than he is! HA!
I'm so excited about his birthday party, even if it does mean he's growing up, and I can't wait to see it all come together. Y'all know I love putting a party together!!!
The next few days will involve finishing up party stuff and putting a couple more things together for this little guy. Luckily I'm a "Vila girl" myself. I'm usually the assembler around here so it'll be a piece of cake. (I hope!) Speaking of cake, I am SUPER excited about seeing how his cake turns out.....and eating it of course. ;)

Enjoy your Sunday, friends!


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