Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hudson's Birthday Weekend, Continued

Saturday was jam-packed with fun, family, friends, food, and driving. We had to head out pretty early Saturday morning, since the party was in Gadsden. We didn't want to haul the gifts we got Hudson because we worried about having enough space on the way back. So, we decided to wait until Sunday morning to give him his big gifts from us (aside from the swing set, of course!). We did also get him a few more puzzles, along with a storage rack for them, and a little set with goggles, gloves, and earmuffs to use with the workshop we got him, and gave those to him at the party.

On Sunday, after breakfast, we presented him with the first gift.

He pretty much loves it!!! It's going to take him a little practice to figure out the pedaling, but he's trying. We'll have to get a helmet, especially since there's no strap to secure him with. I think he'll love this, especially once he's big enough to ride on his own, without the parents' handle.

Next up was the workshop. I wanted to get him a kitchen, because he LOVES my old kitchen at my parents' house, but Daddy said a workshop would be better. I guess he's right. Nothing wrong with a man learning how to cook, though!! ;-)
 This workshop is so cute with all kinds of little play tools and "wooden" pieces he can build with. I need to get a few more pieces to add to it, but he's having a lot of fun with it already.

For dinner, we thought we'd end the birthday weekend with our boy's favorite...Mexican!!
He comes by his love of cheese dip honest. 

We had a great weekend celebrating our boy's big birthday. Saturday was a fun-filled family/friends party day, and Sunday was a quiet "just the 3 of us" day to close it out. It was perfect., and since this will be his last birthday as an only child, I am so thankful it went the way it did.


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