Thursday, April 04, 2013

Never Have I Ever...

Today I'm linking up to some of my favorite lovely blog ladies for 
Never Have I Ever
This outta be fun!!

Let's get to it!

Never have I ever...
...colored my hair
...completely burnt or ruined something I've cooked (there's still time, though!)
...been on a cruise, and after all this Carnival mess the likelihood of me EVER going on one is veeerrrrryyyy slim
...been pulled over
...seen The Hunger Games...yeah, I know....
...been hunting (don't plan to, either. bleh)
...had a car without a sunroof. y'all, it's the first thing I look for in a new car. weird? probably
...broken a bone. moving on...thinking about that topic long enough makes me nauseous
...been admitted to the hospital (other than for having a baby, duh)
...eaten prime rib (the spongy texture grosses me out), veal, lamb, or duck. I just can't

So, there's some random things that I've never done before. Be sure to link yours up so we can check 'em out!
Hang on y'all, Friday is almost here!!

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  1. I've been on a cruise and I have to say, they never live up to the hype. Great list, was really fun to read!

  2. I read the one about the hospital and I was like, wait a second, until I saw the baby qualifier. Somehow the Carnival cruise thing hasn't swayed me from wanting to go on a cruise. As long as the dang thing didn't sink, I'm still in.

    On a totally different note, every time I see your ad on my sidebar, or a new post comes up on bloglovin, in my head I literally yell TWINS! No idea why. I think it's because I've never known anyone who is having twins before but I just love following along about the baby stuff. Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. Never been pulled over!!?? At least someone got that one haha ..New follower stoppin over from
    never have I ever:)

  4. I totally believe the fact that you have never burned anything, everything you make looks so good! And I guess I am weird but I still want to go on a cruise! Even though I am a little more hesitant. Thanks for linking up with us!


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