Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Come Together

I didn't post anything yesterday because it just felt wrong. It felt inappropriate and everything that I had considered posting was completely irrelevant and trivial. But as we remember the victims of the devastating explosions in Boston yesterday, I feel that it's important that we not stop everything we're doing. It's important to honor them by living OUR lives and cherishing every second of it!! It's an absolute shame that it takes a tragedy like this to wake us up and realize how blessed we are, but sometimes we do get so caught up in our daily lives and our "problems" that we do forget for a minute how good we have it.
As I've read and watched the news and seen images that I would never wish to see again, my heart is sad and so so heavy. I just sit in shock. I so wish there was something I could do or that I had the power to take it all away. I will never understand why things like this happen, especially to the most innocent of lives. But just when I think certainly all hope is lost in our society, I see other images....images of people jumping in, without hesitation, to attempt to save the lives of perfect strangers. All the while, these people, these heroes, have their own wounds, not even knowing how life-threatening they may be. They didn't think twice about helping those strangers. It's images and stories like these that help to restore my faith in this world, and the people in it.
There will be times of tragedy, tribulation, and devastation like we have seen in Boston, Newtown, Aurora, and so many other places recently, but there will ALWAYS be even more times of brotherhood and sisterhood, people pulling together, and strangers rushing to the aid of their fellow citizens who need help.
The good and the honorable will ALWAYS prevail! The enemy will never win and never conquer!

My heart, my thoughts, and my prayers go out to everyone who was affected by the tragedy in Boston....those who lost their lives, those who were injured, and all of their friends, family, and loved ones. 
We're all behind you, Boston!!


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