Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alabama Saturday

We haven't been down to Tuscaloosa for gameday in about 2 years. I don't know exactly when the last time was, but I was pregnant with Hudson, I know that much. We are huge Bama fans and always make it to a few games each year. With Hudson being so little last year, and the fact that I was pumping and Tuscaloosa is a 3 hour drive, it really wasn't an easy thing to do so we skipped out last season. Booo. Yesterday was homecoming so we decided to make the drive and take Hudson for his first experience down there. Most of our time was spent at Joseph's fraternity house, but we also walked around the campus, the quad, and checked out the new sorority houses they're building. The game was at 7:30 so we weren't about to go to it, especially with an 18 month old in 40 something degree weather, so we headed home around 4:30 and made it home in time for Hudson to get a quick bath and get to bed. We were able to watch most of the game so that was good. He was a tired little boy, after only napping about an hour each way and sleeping less than 10 hours the night before. He had a great time and was in a great mood though, so we had a blast. Here are some iPhone pics from our little road trip. I didn't want to lug my nice camera around, so these aren't the best.

Hudson enjoyed checking out where Daddy spent a lot of his time at Bama, and where he'll be hanging out in about 17 years. ;-) 

Put him outside and this child is happy! 

 Giving Mrs. Pat some lovin'. Pat and her husband, Roy are very special to us! Roy has served as Lambda Chi's faculty advisor for years and they're such sweet people.


A former Lambda Chi president with a future Lambda Chi president. 

Love them. 

Why is this always the face I get in pictures? *sigh* 

That's a little better, I guess?

I finally got to meet Miss Emma Ramey. She is Leslie's daughter and she is so sweet and pretty! Leslie's husband is a Lambda Chi alum also and Leslie and I were sorority pledge sisters at Bama. I only stayed at Bama for a year before going to JSU and graduating with my teaching degree. Leslie and I keep up with each other via blog/twitter, but haven't seen each other in a while. Love her!

Hudson finally got to meet his new girlfriend and he loved her.  

Trying to get a 7 month old and an 18 month old to stay still for to impossible. 

Hudson was so sweet and kept giving her hugs but this after-the-fact pic is the best I could get. He also enjoyed bumping bellies with her...for some reason. HA!

They had some great food and desserts at the house. These little cupcakes were adorable. Red velvet, yum! They also had these cute little cups filled with strawberry shortcake, and some with lemon meringue. I'll have to steal their idea for that. They were perfect little portions and the strawberry shortcake was delicious!! It was all just mixed together and dumped in the cups. Easy and cute! Hudson and I gobbled it up.

We walked around the campus and I had to check out the new sorority houses they're building. ADPi is getting a new one and it's going to be fabulous! I'm pretty jealous of how beautiful all these new houses are going to be!!

After a good walk around the quad and the campus, we were cold enough and decided to get in the car and head home. Hudson napped until about halfway home and we knew he'd be starving when he woke up so we stopped the first chance we could to eat a quick dinner. Cracker Barrel it was! Yum!

Such silliness at the dinner table. 

Seriously, I think people were glad to see us leave. He was in a hyper mood! HA!

We had a great day and I'm glad we made the trip down. It's a good drive, but it was worth it to see some friends and experience an Alabama Saturday. We're hoping to go down again in a few weeks for a game, just us. We miss it!

I hope y'all had a great Saturday too.

Happy Sunday, everybody!!


  1. Love it! I might have to steal a few of these pictures since my camera was MIA when they were playing. :) So cute!

    1. Go right ahead! I wish they were better but those 2 can move fast! :-) Emma Ramey was very patient with Hudson yesterday. He loves hugging. She's just precious!!


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