Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Night Date

After a quick trip to Target for a MUCH needed pair of jeans that fit (for H), Hudson and I met Daddy for a date for some Mexican tonight. We don't really go out to eat that often so it's a treat when we do. We haven't had Mexican in a while and it hit the spot. 

Hudson is not one for sauces, dips, etc. I've let him try ketchup on tater tots and he hates it. Then, he met cheese dip......

He's tried a little bit before when we've gotten take-out, but just had a taste and that was that. I'm fairly certain he'd still be sitting there eating it had we not gotten him up. ;-) He is definitely his momma's child! (not to mention he snorts when he laughs hard, too...NOT that I do that!) 

He had countless chips with some dip and I'm afraid he may have an addiction now. He has always LOVED cheese so I'm not surprised he likes it. But for someone who doesn't like sauces and condiments, he sure did love him some dip. 

He found that it added some pizzaz to his chicken nuggets....

And maybe his fries......
Talk about a boy after my own heart!!! I always get chicken fajitas and I do not like the "salad" they give you to put on them. The only thing I eat that comes with them is the rice, and even that is barely eaten. I want just the chicken, peppers, onions, and tortillas. I usually tell them no salad so they don't waste it. (seriously, I don't touch it) I do, however, put a tad bit of cheese dip in my fajitas. DELICIOUS! If you haven't tried it before, what are you waiting for????

Scrumptious! He was also very mesmerized by the whole place. It's very cool on the inside and has lots of neat lighting fixtures and decor.

Just for good measure....

We happened to be sitting right beside a little boy very close to Hudson's age and they became friends quickly. Who knows what they were talking about, but it seemed to be very interesting.

 They were adorable!!

Taking a (very quick) break from the cheese for a pic with momma. 

I also picked up some bath time letters and numbers for Hudson to use. I think they're a hit!

We're going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and for some reason I am SO excited about it!! I feel like I'm the kid! HA! We went last year and there wasn't really anything Hudson could do 'cause he was less than 6 months old. This time he'll be able to play and pet the animals and do it all and I think he is going to have a blast!! I'm also excited to get back out where we used to live. The patch is in Meridianville and is like 5 minutes from where we lived and I. LOVE. IT. out there. It's quiet, absolutely beautiful, with cotton field after cotton field. If it weren't so far out, I'd still live out there. Especially with a small child, I like being closer to grocery stores, Target, the hospital, pediatrician, etc.  It also cuts about 40 minutes off of the drive for family from Gadsden. Maybe one day we can move back out there and build, but for now, we like being closer. :)

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!!


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