Monday, October 08, 2012

Heavy Heart

The beautiful thing about blogging is the way you get to know people without actually meeting or speaking to them. You read their blogs for a couple years, reading about their experiences, life events, etc. and you just feel like you know them. I have been reading Julee's blog for a while now, and she is such a beautiful person, inside and out. She and her husband, Matt, have been married for a few years and after a difficult couple years, finally welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Preslee, into the world last November. Julee realized every wife's worst nightmare this weekend when her husband was killed in a car accident Saturday night. Although I do not know her personally, my heart is so heavy for her and precious Preslee. This is something no one should have to experience, and it makes you ask WHY!!?? It's not my place to question it, but you just can't help it. 

At times like this, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am. I always try to be thankful for the people in my life and never take them for granted, but the sad thing is we all do from time to time. I get annoyed with my husband for not putting things back where they go, or for working late, or for snoring and hogging the bed(these are such trivial things, right??!?!), but the truth is, I love that man more than I can ever express and cannot imagine living this life without him. I cannot imagine having my husband, and Hudson's father, taken from me. I can't imagine my sweet baby boy having to grow up without his daddy. So my heart is aching for the sweet girl who is not only having to imagine it, but is living it right now. And even though I don't "know" her, I feel a strong need to do something. I've contacted Kelly over at Kelly's Korner to join in with the massive amount of others who will be sending Julee an encouraging card, note, etc. in the mail. Evidently, the list has gotten so long that there will be at least 2 things sent to her every day for a year. There are also other amazing things being done for Julee and Preslee. A silent auction is being set up and all proceeds will go to them. There's also been an account set up for donations to send flowers, and extra funds. There's even been an account set up for donations to a college fund for Preslee. How amazing it that?!?!!

The blogging community is so special. It's amazing how BIG it is, yet it's so tight-knit and close. We all feel the hurt our fellow blog friends feel. It really is a special family. 

As Julee is forced to deal with losing the love of her life, I am reminded to never take mine for granted, to cherish every moment we have together, every moment he has with Hudson, and to never forget to tell him how much I love, appreciate, and adore him. No matter how "hard" life is sometimes, I am blessed. I am thankful. The little problems life brings are so small and insignificant when you compare them to the things that really matter. Life is precious, and we aren't promised tomorrow. All we can do is live life to the fullest, and make sure our loved ones know we love them.

Please join me in lifting Julee and Preslee, along with Matt's mom and brother, up in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this unthinkable tragedy. They need all the love and support they can get.


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