Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Put Some New Shoes On

And suddenly everything's right. Know that song? I like it a lot. It's just one of those happy songs that makes you wanna dance.

So, speaking of shoes, Hudson loooooves shoes! He didn't at first, and wanted them off of his feet the second you put them on. But once he was able to walk well and wear the cool big boy shoes, he became obsessed. He tries his hardest to put them on by himself, and he'll try to put ours on our feet too. He knows when we put his shoes on, it's time to go somewhere and he runs to the back door to the garage. HA! 
We went out for a bit yesterday and we got him a few new pairs of shoes. The boy really only had like 1 pair that fit well and were comfortable for him to walk in for a while at a time.(his gray NBs) They'll probably be too small in the next few months, so we picked up a few more pairs that he can grow into and so the child can have options. ;-)

He had a blast in the shoe store. It was just about nap time and he was kind of in that delirious stage you get in when you're really really tired. Yeah. It was awesome.

He loves these boots. He wore them out of the store and was checkin' 'em out the whole way home. We picked up a new pair of NBs too...they're red, white, and gray, which are some of our favorite colors. RTR! ;-)

We also snagged some new Halloween slippers(as well as more long-sleeved pajamas, per pictures) at Target while we were out. 

And I'm pretty sure I'll never get them off of him. :-)

Momma may have gotten herself a couple pairs of boots too. Shoes all around!! Poor Daddy, he missed out. I know better than to get him something without his approval. The man is picky. Maybe next time!


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