Monday, October 22, 2012

We're No Artists

Yesterday we carved our pumpkin. It has been a long time since Joseph carved one and I never have. You read that right. You could definitely call us pumpkin carving rookies, or maybe even a level lower than that (trust me, you'll see). Neither one of us was blessed with artistic skills. I mean, we have other skills...ya know like, nun-chuck skills, bow-hunting skills, computer hacking skills....anyone?

But artistic skills is NOT one of them. I tried to draw a decent looking face with a marker but since I can't draw a straight line, you can imagine how that turned out. I searched everywhere for a lighter marker but black was all I could find. Booo. So try to ignore the glaring black lines you can still see on the pumpkin, mmk? 

I don't think Joseph trusted me with the huge knife (even though I use knives in the kitchen on a regular basis) or if it made him feel all manly doing it himself, but he was in charge of the gutting and carving.

We don't have any fancy carving tools (rookies, remember?) so he decided with our knife it'd be easier to just cut the top off in a square. Pumpkins are so hard to cut through anyway, I don't know how you people do all that fancy stuff! Kudos to you!

Hudson was pretty uninterested in that part. He wanted to annoy play with the dogs instead.

Now it's getting good. 

This looks like a fun new toy!

He and Bryant had to investigate.

Pretty cool!

"It's that puke, inside of a pumpkin orange." (if you don't know what I'm referring to, search "I Hate Tennessee" on YouTube)

Wait, why'd you spit the paci out??

Oh, that's why!

Awesome. Yep, that really happened. All on his own. Nice.

Helping Daddy with the guts.

Carving time!

Hudson "carved" his piece too. ;-)

Time to clean up! Seriously, I hope he keeps this up in about 10 years!!

The finished product. I wanted to carve a little H on the small one but we opted to keep it as is.

You do not see those black lines. You do not see those black lines. Does hypnotism work via blog post?

I also put up this little Halloween wreath I got at Target a couple weeks ago. It's pretty simple but so cute. That's about as decorative as we get for Halloween. It's just not something we go all out for.

I hope your Monday has been great!


  1. HAHA!!! I love that you referred to the video "I hate Tennessee" AWESOME!!!

  2. Maybe you could try nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove the marker? Maybe?? Googling the you tube video now....hubby is a TN grad and I REFUSE to wear that orange. I always end up in AU orange and just claim color blindness. :-)

    1. That is a great idea!! I didn't think of that. Thanks, I'll try it out!

      I love the video!! That's so funny!! I couldn't wear that "throw up orange" either. ;-)


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