Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bunny Fwand

Hudson's Uncle Adam gave him this bunny when he was born. He's recently developed an obsession for it. He carries him all over the house, talks to him, mostly bossing him around, and just sits down by him like they're best buds. It's pretty cute. He pitched a fit for him last night before bed and he and Daddy went to get him from the living room so he could see him before he went to sleep. Umm, bad idea. Full on meltdown ensued and I almost gave in to letting him sleep with it. We put it on top of his hutch and he finally calmed down. I'd let him sleep with it if it weren't so big. Hudson doesn't sleep with anything in his crib and I kinda like it that way.

Mr. Bunny has to help him with the cleaning supplies.

Just chillin'. 

Last night I made my Faux-sagna and I couldn't believe how much Hudson liked it. He can be picky sometimes but he usually likes pasta(he gets it from his momma). He's liked this in the past but especially liked it this time. :-)

Silly boy. I said "Let me see your face." so I could get a picture of the mess, and this is what he did.

 "Mom, can I just eat in peace?"

He's learned you have to eat up every last bite...even the pieces on your hands. ;-)

Happy Tuesday!!


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