Saturday, October 06, 2012

Playroom Art

I don't have a lot of time, because I have to get ready for a date with the hubby. BUT, I wanted to show you some art I made for Hudson's playroom. It's not as much art, as it is just things I typed up and printed off at home. :-) 

I got some inspiration from Pinterest and Bed Bath & Beyond. I could have paid for the items on Etsy and BB&B, but I decided I could make them myself and save a lot of money.

Some cute frames from Hobby Lobby and a little clip art and voila. They look better in person. They're both 8x10s but they look a lot smaller in the pictures.

I thought this idea was really cute and it was SO easy to do. They're also 8x10s and I might even get them blown up at Office Max or something to fill up the wall better. For now, they're fine like this.

Now I just need to fill other walls and try out this idea I have for more book storage. I've also got my eye on a little book case and TV at Target for the wall opposite the blue bookshelf. A little at a time......

Y'all have a great Saturday! I'm going to get ready for date night! :-)


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