Thursday, October 11, 2012

Picture Dump

I've had several pictures I've wanted to share, but I felt that blogging about Matt Turner was more important and the pictures could wait. His funeral was yesterday and I watched the service online. It was so incredibly touching and special. I was moved to tears, on several occasions, during the service. He was a news anchor in Little Rock so they streamed it live on their website. The people who got up to speak about him did such a beautiful job and even if you didn't know Matt, which I didn't, you walked away feeling like you did. It is evident that he was just such an amazing person and is so loved and so so missed. Y'all please continue to lift up Julee, little Preslee, and the families in your thoughts and prayers as the hardest days are now upon them.

Joseph and I went out on a date Saturday night and had a wonderful time! We don't go out very much but we're trying to make a point to do it more often. It's important for us to keep our marriage first.
We always have such a good time together and Saturday was no different. Our favorite date night has always been dinner and a movie. It's so cliche, but that's just what we love to do. I've been wanting some sushi for a while so we decided a sushi/Japanese restaurant was on the agenda.

Our signature date pic in the car. :-)

YUM! We got the California Roll and the Viagra Roll, HA! Just about every review I read said to get the Viagra Roll. It was really good! I loved the sauce. (I'm not really into the real sushi...I always get the cooked rolls.)

After dinner, we went to see Taken 2. I was a little skeptical, because I didn't really think a sequel was necessary but it was really good! I recommend seeing it. It had a few corny moments, but I was pleasantly surprised. Now, if anyone else decides to mess with Liam Neeson's family, they've obviously got some screws loose! HA!
We ended our date night with a quick trip to Target (and the Starbuck's in it). We needed dog food and a few other things so why not grab a Cinnamon Dolce Latte while you're at it? It seems like we always end up at Target or somewhere else for something on a date night. I don't mind, though. That's just our thing, I guess. :-)

Earlier this week, Hudson and I were playing with his legos in the living room. I kept asking for a kiss and he wouldn't give me one so he got a good tickling.  

 And for some reason, the (unused and purely decorative) magazine rack always makes the best seat. :)

Hud had mac & cheese for dinner the other night and really really liked it. It's his favorite meal. You know it's good when you have to be stripped down afterward. 

 This child loves doing things that we do. It makes him feel like a big boy. I would throw away this empty Cascade box, but then he wouldn't be able to "fill the dishwasher" with it. ;)

Practicing to help daddy with the yard one day. Maybe mowing will always make him so happy??!! Doubt it!

He's gotten this new obsession with opening all the drawers, then going back and closing them. Is it just me or are children just a tad weird? I'm just sayin.

Working on his pull-ups after his bath. 


He's finally warming up to the whole brushing the teeth thing and is even doing it on his own now. We do it again so we know it's done well. ;)

I finished my coffee this morning and Hudson brought me a refill.....of Tarn-X!(it's closed, don't worry) Gee, thanks, Son...... 

During breakfast this morning, he got totally lost in the Bubble Guppies. He looks like a little man just pondering life here! Haha!

I have been reminded this week of how blessed I am and I am just so incredibly thankful for the precious husband, sweet baby boy, family, and friends in my life. I love each and every one of you, regardless of how well I know you and how often I see you. You are all special and important.
I hope everyone is having a blessed week.


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