Monday, December 31, 2012

12 From 2012!

2012 was some kind of year! It was mostly good to us, but there were some hard times along the way. Losing my Fatdaddy was definitely the hardest time from 2012. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since we lost him. I still miss him every day. I pray 2013 is a better year for everyone, especially our nation. I've had (more than) my fill of senseless shootings, deaths, violence, and other devastating news. Here's to hoping the new year is a GREAT ONE!!

Instead of doing a really long year-in-review, I thought I'd just list 12 of my favorite moments from 2012...focusing on the good things that the year brought.

Here goes nothin'....
(in no particular order)

1. The hubs and I got to take a fun trip to New Orleans in February. It was my 2nd trip to N.O. and I can safely say it is NOT a place I really care to return to, BUT if you're looking for great food, it really is a place to visit. The time away with the boy was nice too!

Beignets at Cafe du Monde. A must. 

 We also ate at Luke, one of John Besh's restaurants. It was really the only one we could get into. The others had no reservations available. If I ever go back to N'awlins, I'd like to try other restaurants of his. Luke's was DELICIOUS!!
THE best shrimp & grits. Ever.

2. Getting rid of the baby weight...and then some. You can read all about my weight-loss journey here.
Proud of accomplishing that goal!

3. Our little monkey turned ONE!!!! (hard to believe I'll be planning his 2nd birthday party soon!)

4. My brother-in-law got married, and I gained a new sister-in-law!!

5. New babies, more weddings, great friends!!!

6. DIY projects.

7. 10-year HS reunion.
Awesome time reconnecting with great friends.

8. Family beach trip

9. Bama football with my honey. RTR!!

10. Mooooo to you!! Halloween with Hudson!

11. A WONDERFUL Christmas, with our first real tree!!

12. A year filled with tons of memories, new experiences, happy times, some sad times, and lots of laughs and love. We have so much to be thankful for this past year. We have been blessed beyond measure, and we are alive and healthy. I cannot believe how quickly 2012 has flown by. It seems like each year goes by a little faster than the last. It goes faster once you have a child, I think. I plan to cherish every moment of 2013, make sweet memories, look back on old ones with a thankful heart, and I can't wait to see what is in store for our family this year.

May your new year be blessed and joyful. I hope you have a happy and healthy 2013.

Happy New Year, friends!


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