Monday, December 10, 2012

Anniversary Date

Saturday night, my parents came up to spend the evening with Hudson so we could have an anniversary date. We had a great time! (I know the grandparents did too.) We always appreciate when our parents come up and let us have a date night. 

We decided we'd celebrate 6 years at The Melting Pot!! We went for my birthday a few years ago and it was so fun.

Mmmmmm, cheese......

Joseph likes cheese just a lil bit...

They have these weird little light fixtures that don't really make for the best pictures.

I got caught enjoying the cheese!

Watching the main course cook. It takes like 2 minutes, since the pieces are cut small.

Saved the best for last, indeed.

For our chocolate course, we chose the s'mores fondue. Oh em geeeee!!!!!

Do yourself a favor and get this if you go. I can't even describe it. 

Our waiter was so thoughtful and drew us a sweet message with a couple fruity sauces. Cute.

As good as it was, this is about how we felt afterward. About to die. It was worth it, though.

We went to see Red Dawn after dinner and it was very good. 
Perfect sweet, romantic date-night movie, no??

Sunday, our actual anniversary, was pretty laid-back and we spent the day with our sweet boy. Wouldn't have had it any other way.

We also indulged (some more) in some of these bad boys.....
I'd been talking about how long it'd been since I had a donut and he went out and brought us some back. Sweet man.
 I had to look up this word "share" (what's that?) to see what that's all about. So I did share with Joseph since it WAS our anniversary and all. Who shares donuts, honestly.....

Yum...needless to say...after this weekend of eating, a strict diet is in force now.

We enjoyed our day together as a family of 3. I'm not sure what this face was about, but it was too funny not to share. HAHA!

No better way to spend our 6 year anniversary than with the best thing that's come from those 6 years. I whipped us up some creamy shrimp pasta, and we watched Bubble Guppies while we ate. 
Perfect night. ;-)

I hope you guys had a great weekend as well. 

Have a fantastic week!!


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