Monday, December 03, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend. A busy, fun, celebratory, winning, festive weekend!!!!

Here are some highlights to explain.....

We started off the weekend with a belated birthday dinner for Joseph at Outback..birthday boy's choice.

It was delicious, but we waited FOREVER. We had to resort to some peek-a-boo at the table to keep someone entertained.
(That's funny, I found myself doing this a lot during the game Saturday. HA! Too nervous to watch!)

Daddy's phone always helps too.

Saturday, our friends were having a birthday/SEC party so we watched the game with them and several other anxious Bama fans!! ;-) We had a BLAST!! Mostly, because we won and are on our way to the National Championship, again!!! ROLL TIDE!! There were definitely some near cardiac arrests among a lot of young people, though. Man, that was one intense game. GA is awesome and the fact that they won't go to a BCS bowl is absolutely absurd! Northern Illinois?? But not GA???? Makes no sense.

Eddie Lacy is the man! He has one bright future ahead of him.

Can't wait to see Bama take on the Irish in January!!!

Sunday, Joseph drove 2 hours down to Birmingham to meet someone who bought our riding mower/trailer. We live on a very small lot now and just don't need them. Now, he can park in the garage again!! Yippee! I was nervous about him driving so far with that thing in tow, but he had no issues.

This is what Hudson did while he was gone....
 Got stuck in a basket.

And swept the floor with the basket on his head.
Yeah, he's a little quirky. 

Joseph was gone basically ALL day yesterday and I know he was tired, but on his way home, was so thoughtful to stop and get us a live Christmas tree to surprise us with! 

I've wanted a live tree for years, but we've just never had a spot to fit a nice full tree. So we've always used our tall, slender tree. 
Well, we've got room now so even though I already put up our usual tree, he surprised me with the real tree I've really been dying for.

Hudson is a fan too. ;)

This was before we got it straightened up.
The most beautiful Fraser Fir I've ever seen!!! He got the biggest one they had. I'm very pleased! :)

We went shopping for decorations for it last night and it's coming together nicely. I've got to hit up Hobby Lobby for some pretty ribbon and I need a few more ornaments and something for the top. I should(hopefully) have it 100% done tomorrow, then I'll post some pics. Our other tree has been put in the dining room corner, and it looks great in there. It's more formal so it goes well. This one will be more whimsical. Loving how it's coming together so far!! Our house smells SO good. I haven't had a real tree since I was probably about 13 or 14 and it's really bringing back lots of wonderful memories from my childhood. We'll definitely be real tree people from now on. 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well. 

Happy Monday!


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