Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Weekend of 2012!

I hope you've had a wonderful final weekend of 2012! We had a really nice one with just us 3. 

Here's how our weekend went down, in pictures.....

Mellow Mushroom for dinner Friday night. Perfect way to kick it off! 
If you've never tried the Kosmic Karma, do yourself a f(l)avor and try it. So good!

My sweet husband has been trying ever-so persistently to convince me he needs a little desk in our living room, and I guess this was his way of buttering me up the other night. (It didn't work. I just don't want another piece of furniture to clean, clutter up my house, and keep Hudson out of. Plus, I want him to be home when he's home, not working. Ya know?)

After the Christmas tree was out, the boys made sure the floor was nice and clean of needles. ;-)

Hudson's had a little TV in his playroom for a few weeks now. We just use it for DVDs for now. It's got a built-in DVD player so he can watch Bubble Guppies and other things in there sometimes while he plays. It was sitting on his yellow table, so we got this little bookshelf at Target yesterday and a few more bins for some storage. It looks great in there. I need to purge some of his toys and reorganize a little bit, but the room looks so much better already just after adding some more storage.

Joseph has been craving some of these bad boys from Bonefish Grill, so we ate there for lunch today.
 Go to Bonefish. Order the Bang Bang Shrimp. You're welcome.

 A little drink and coloring action while we wait for our meal.

We decided with all the sales going on right now, it was a good time to upgrade our TV. 
We've had it for about 5 years and it's been GREAT! (It's now in our bedroom, so it's still getting used.)

It's nice, but we thought it was time for a slightly larger one. 

We ended up going with a 60" Vizio LED Smart TV. We're loving it so far!
Merry (late) Christmas, babe!

 60 inches of Bubble Guppies. **insert sarcastic "Yippee" here**
And as you can TV trumps desk! I'm cool with that. ;)

We spent the majority of our weekend just being together as the 3 of us, which was much-needed. I wish the hubby was going to be home tomorrow so it could've been a long 4 day weekend, but that's OK. We'll have him on Tuesday. 

I hope you've all had a great weekend. How are you going to spend your last day of 2012??


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