Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Partay!

Saturday night, we had Joseph's office Christmas party. We were excited to cut loose and have some fun with colleagues and friends. And that's just what we did. Part of me didn't want to leave Hudson, because all I've wanted to do is hold, hug, and kiss him. But, I knew he'd be in good hands with Joseph's parents. They all had a great time together. We were so appreciative of them for coming to spend the evening with him so we could go to the party.

I didn't really take a lot of pictures, even though I took my good camera. I was just having too much fun to stop and take pics. ;-)

We did take some nice pictures before we headed out.
 But, this outfit (Joseph's) was only for a couple pics......

Then, he changed into his real outfit!!!
 Oh, yes he did!!!! If you know my husband, you know he's pretty straight-laced and although he's outgoing and extroverted, he's not really one for doing silly stuff. He took us all by surprise when he decided to do the "tacky sweater" thing....complete with antlers. Nice! What was more funny was watching him carefully select his wardrobe in Belk Friday night. It had to be just right! I think he did pretty well. :)

The Wiggins' (The Agency Owner of the insurance agencies Joseph manages) were wonderful hosts and had tons of great food, drinks, and divine desserts for us to stuff our faces with. They have an awesome finished basement with a pool table and air hockey!!!! We haven't played air hockey since our days in the church youth group many moons ago. We're a little rusty. But it was fun! 
We weren't keeping score......but I'm pretty sure I won.
(He didn't take the antlers off all night.)

 Joseph wasn't the only fashionable one. A couple other guys wore their best sweater/turtleneck combos as well. They were a handsome group!

The agency gift to Craig was a big blown up print of one of his favorite pictures of his dog, Zeke. Joseph had this great idea and everyone thought it would be a great gift for him.
I was kinda put in charge of this with about a day's notice, but was more than happy to handle it and with some help from his wife, Wendy, it got done and turned out great!
 I made sure to wrap it well and tape it everywhere, to ensure it was a lot of fun to open.

I had it blown up to a 24x36 (which is HUGE, BTW!!!) and put it in a nice frame from Hobby Lobby. 
This is not the best picture of it, but it was beautiful! I was so worried about having it blown up so big, but the quality was awesome! Zeke is a black lab and is so beautiful and so so sweet! Craig loved it and that's all that matters. So glad the gift meant so much to him!

After some sushi, chick-fil-a nuggets, so much more delicious food, drinks, a chocolate fountain, mingling, air hockey, pool, silliness, a little Carlton dancing, and an intense game of Catchphrase, which the women won (twice) BTW, we called it a night and headed home. 

We had a fantastic time and enjoyed being out with other big people. (No offense, Hudson) Thank you to our friends, The Wiggins, for hosting such a wonderful party for us all.
Can't wait til next year's party!

Oh, back to that Carlton dance.....well.....check this out!!!

Yep, that's my husband doing the Carlton. 

He used to do this when we first started dating. It was his thing. He's awesome at it. He could've done better that night if he wasn't about to fall on the rug and had been able to hear the music on my phone. With everyone screaming, you couldn't hear anything. It was priceless!!! I think we need a redo!

Here's a clip of Carlton Banks himself. Pretty close!!! Man, I loved that show.

I hope you guys had a great Monday!


  1. I see your a BAMA girl as well! Roll tide first off... Second, I love your dress! And third, your blog & family are precious! Excited to go catch up some more! :)

    1. ROLL TIDE!!!!! Thank you so so much!! I checked out your blog and oh my goodness, your family is beautiful and precious as well!! New follower! Thanks for stopping by! :-)


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