Saturday, December 29, 2012

Like It Never Even Happened...

I'm pretty sure this is a record for how fast we've gotten Christmas decorations down. I usually leave them up until at least New Year's but this year, I didn't waste any time. I guess having a very inquisitive 20 month old will encourage that. I had his tree down Wednesday and have been working on the rest the last few days.

On one hand, the house sure does look a little sad and depressing without it, but on the other hand, it looks clean, clutter-free, and that once beautiful tree that was beginning to droop and die is no longer an eye-sore. ;-)

And now that everything is back in its original spot, I am motivated again to get one of Hudson's pictures framed and hung on that wall. It's screaming for something

And my usual mantel decor is just...meh. It needs a new look and a little revamp, so I gotta scope out Target or Pier 1 for some new accessories or something. 

I love the way Christmas decorations make the house feel so warm and inviting, but it really is nice to have our house "back". Ya know what I mean?

And in no time at's like it never even happened.

Enjoy the last couple days of 2012. Do you have any big New Year's Eve plans?


  1. We are planning to do this tomorrow! I'm like you, I love how warm the house feels, but my 14 month old has had a little too much fun pulling decorations down.


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