Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Baking

This weekend we did a little baking and gingerbread house building. It was a ton of fun!!

I think I enjoyed it the most, but Hudson did like helping out a little.

We started out with sugar cookies.

We were ready to go with all of our cookie cutters, icing, and sprinkles.

Confession: I've never done the whole rolling out the dough, and cut them out with cookie cutters thing. Or if I have, it's been a long time! I'm not really a baker. Boy, that's a messy job! Fun, though.
I also didn't have a rolling pin, so I just used a thick empty roll from some cling wrap, floured it up, and boom!


Ready to bake!

"Anticipation. Antici-pay-ay-tion."

Within minutes, the hubs had the counter good as new. Sweet man!


Helping Daddy ice a cookie for a snack.

He ate every bite!! 

Some of our creations. They came out decent, but I'm definitely NOT the most artistic person in the world. They still taste good, though. And I have no idea what's up with the crooked candy cane. The other one came out great....but I ate it. HA!

Later that evening, we built our first gingerbread house!!!
We decided the coffee table would be best, so Hudson could easily reach things.

HA! Genius, idea, Lauren!!! ;)
 Candy thief!!
 Love this hair!! It might be time for a little back grooming.


Nobody will notice....

Now, how do I open this bag?

Still sticking our hands in the candy.

There we go!

Now we're getting it!

And....about 10 minutes later......
 Not even lying! Snowman was so sad. (my husband thought that was clever)

BUT, thankfully it was in "good hands" and I was determined to salvage it so I rebuilt it from the ground up!
 Far from perfect, but considering it was a total loss, I'll take it!

I took some pictures of Hudson with it after it had a day or two to set well.


Sweet boy. This is his new smile. To get him to do it I say "show me your teeth". Sometimes he'll do it when I say smile. He's getting better about it. Cutie!

It was so fun to do some baking and building with my two boys. Love those little memories! I'm hoping we can do another batch of cookies Sunday or Monday for Santa. ;)

And I cannot believe that today my baby is 20 months old!!! FOUR months away from his 2nd birthday????? Waaahhhhh!!!! *does ugly cry face.......sniffles*

Happy 20 months, sweet boy!

What kind of fun activities have you gotten to do so far?


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