Wednesday, December 05, 2012

O Christmas Tree...

I guess the tree is finally at the point where it's "good enough".  There are some things I'd change, but I'm kind of tired of perfecting the thing and just want to enjoy it's beauty and aroma! :)

I took this picture with my phone, but will take pictures of everything with my good camera soon for a Christmas decor post.

I went with a more whimsical theme for this tree, to go with my mantel, which is done in a limey green and candy apple red. It's more fun than the other tree that is now in the dining room. That one is more elegant. I like all the assorted colors and hope to add more cute things to it over the years. I'm not entirely pleased with the ribbon (needs more and maybe in a different color) and the topper. I just threw up a bunch of twiggy things and was done with it. But, it does the job and I do love looking at it and smelling it. Can I put this in the ground outside and save it for next year? Is that possible? I just love it! It's the perfect, beautiful, wonderful smelling Fraser Fir I wanted.

For the tree skirt, I just put down a couple extra white bed sheets (we have tons of white sheets) and a couple different pretty fabrics. I didn't feel like paying $60 (or more!) for a tree skirt that's just gonna get sappy and needly. I like how it looks. It looks better in person and I'm hoping it comes across better with my real camera. It's a lime green/white Greek key print and a white/red chevron on top of that. Pulls it all together nicely and it cost about half (or less) than what I would've paid for a fancy, expensive tree skirt.

So, there's the tree in all its glory. Like I said, I plan to do a post of the house all Christmasified. Coming soon......

Happy Wednesday!


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