Monday, February 18, 2013

Big People Time

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On Saturday, the hubs and I headed down to Birmingham for a night out with big people! Rebekah, my oldest BFF, and I don't get to see each other as much as we'd like and we try to get together when we can. Sometimes it's hard since we live 2 hours apart, but we made plans to come down to see her this past weekend and I'm so glad we did.

Joseph and I headed down Saturday afternoon after my mom got to our house to take over Hudson duty. We made a little pit stop first and I discovered some V-day goodies on sale. I wanted to know which brand was better so we tried out both. The verdict? I lean slightly toward Whitman's Sampler. I think it's because their chocolates are a little more creamy and melt-in-your-mouth, whereas Russell Stover seems a little harder. I also enjoyed the flavors in the WS more...less of the gross fruity nougats, and more of the truffles, caramels, and chocolately nougats. 
I wouldn't turn either of them down, though. ;) 

We saw several different skies on our way down. This was a little creepy.
 In Cullman, we even caught a few snow flurries.
 Then, this beautiful sky once we got to Birmingham.
 Beautiful Magic City sunset.

We checked into the hotel and freshened up before heading out to dinner with Rebekah and her boyfriend, John.

We ate at Slice, and it is definitely a must try! They don't make pizza any fresher or better elsewhere!!
I was too excited about dinner that I scarfed it down before I could get a pic. (we got the Spicy Hawaiian, hold the spicy on my side, and Rebekah and John got the Lakeview which they loved!) We downed some baked feta(which I've GOT to learn to recreate!), 2 orders of fire baked wings, and pizza, but somehow still managed to have room for this lovely treat.
The S'mores Calzone!!
I mean, c'mon!!
Slap yo mama!!

After dinner, we headed to Pale Eddie's Pour House where John's friend was having a surprise 30th birthday party upstairs.
 I wish I had gotten a picture of the (almost) life-size cardboard cut-out they had of the birthday boy. People were taking pictures with it, dressing it up, and putting 'staches all over it. Poor guy.
My pretty friend!! We go waaaaayyy back!

To end the night, they took us to Avondale Brewing Co., which is a really neat local place with handcrafted brews and you can come in and have a drink or taste samples. It's great for people who enjoy beer.(not me) BUT we had a great time sitting outside (yes, outside, 'cause it was crazy crowded inside) by the fire they had going, just talking about silliness and meeting new people.

We enjoyed a night out with big people, spending time with friends, and sleeping in a little on Sunday for a change. We were ready to get home to our little guy so we hit the road and were home by 12:45. It's always nice to get away for a bit, but there is nothing like getting that big hug and kiss when we get home. No other place we'd rather be!!

And to wrap up the fun weekend....
Yes, that's Magic Shell. They still make it and it's FABulous! Makes me feel 10 again.

I hope your weekend was wonderful as well.


  1. Your weekend sounds perfect! That smore thing looks heavenly, omg! I'm glad you got to spend some time with your friend, that's always fun. You looked gorgeous!

  2. It was to die for!! It was definitely nice to get out with friends for a bit. And THANK YOU! You are so sweet to say that! :)


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