Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Hudson's World....

And I just live in it!!
He's never met an apple he didn't like.
And I'm pretty sure he's a bottomless pit when it comes to them.

He's recently discovered that ketchup is quite delicious on chicken, french fries, goldfish, even those apples he loves so much. Now, I can't back him up on that one. I ain't tryin' that!! 
Try it for yourselves if you're intrigued. 

 It's also pretty tempting by itself.

I was just waiting for his face to come back up from that cup covered in red! 
It didn't. ;)

This evening, I wanted to lay down for just one minute. (OK, more like I wanted to take a 2 hour nap, but one minute would suffice.)
 Hudson decided this was unacceptable.

Like I said...his world.

But I'm more than happy to live in it, with him and his cute self. There's no other world I'd rather live in. :) 

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!


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