Thursday, February 07, 2013

Valentine's Day, Pinterest-Style

I like to live vicariously through Pinterest, as I'm sure a lot of us do. I have my dream home planned out, as well as my dream shoe collection, dream hair/makeup, and oodles of delicious food that I'm still waiting on to just appear out of thin air. And then there's aaaaalllll these ah-dorable DIY projects that look so cute and presh and of course I want to do them all. But, let's face it, I'm lucky if I get a blog post done before 9pm, something cooked for dinner other than a Stouffer's meal, or even a shower some days! Gimme about 10 more hours in the day, and I'll have all of these little crafts and projects whipped up. Until then, I'll just do it through Pinterest.

Take Valentine's Day, for instance. There are some super cute ideas out there but I just don't have time to glue 363 mini hearts to a piece of styrofoam. I don't have the patience sanity to thread 2,957 beads through a tiny piece of string, and I most definitely do NOT have the baking/icing abilities to make a 9 layer "ombre" cake with homemade fluted marzipan, buttercream, ganache, lemon verbena and some other fancy name I can't think of frosting. And don't forget the fondant cut-out hearts. 

All of these things are lovely and sound like something I'd love to tackle one day. But today (or tomorrow or next week or next month) ain't the day. I'll just buy frosted, heart-shaped cookies at Publix, and pay a few more dollars for that premade wreath or table decoration. I love a good DIY project but you can only do so much, yaknowwhatimsayin? 

So I'll just share a few of my favorite V-Day Pinterest finds and we'll just all pretend I did them myself. Cool?
*click on pictures to go to Pinterest sources*

Now, this is doable. I can handle this. Cute, no?

I actually have no idea what this is, but it's super cute. Could be a pancake kinda situation, could be some type of light cookie. Not sure, but the idea is cute enough.
There's no source for this, it just takes you to a picture.

Another doable one.
Heart-shaped bacon. 'Cause what says I love you more than bacon, am I right?

I'm not a huge fan of Peeps, but this is cute and great for a project with the kids!

OK, obviously there are lots of easy little crafts out there that even I can do. 

Ok, here's a good one. Beautiful, but, um no. I just can't.....
I butcher the icing on a cupcake. I'd hate to see what I'd do to this poor thing.

Shut up! Look at all that pink! So pretty.

Here's a beautiful (edible) wreath. It's lovely and seems easy enough, but could you imagine meticulously gluing all 3,000 of those gumdrops on there? Me neither. 
Kudos to those who've done this one!

So, a few of these may or may not get done (probably leaning closer to the may not), but I'm just gonna pretend that by putting them on the blog that I can magically take credit for actually doing them myself. Sounds like a plan, Stan.


  1. love all of those, but the fruit cut out hearts are so adorable!


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