Monday, April 22, 2013

Bubble Guppies Overload!!

Hudson had an amazing 2nd birthday party on Saturday!! The weather was perfect (a little windy) and there was lots of fun to be had! We had a huge Bubble Guppies bash and everything turned out perfectly. If you're not a parent of a young child or don't have any young kids in your life, you're probably saying to yourself "What the hey is Bubble Guppies?!?!" It's a cute show on Nick Jr. and Hudson has been obsessed with it since day one. It's actually one of the least annoying of the kids' shows so I'm cool with that. It's really cute and educational, too, so I feel good about him watching it.
I decided a good while ago the theme would be Bubble Guppies so I've had plenty of time to get together ideas, supplies, and decor.
Let's get started with some party pictures, shall we? I'll try my best not to share all 84(culled down from over 200) of them. ;-)
The invitations, welcome sign, cupcake toppers, favor tags, banner, labels, etc. all came from Etsy.

Favor table! These adorable favor holders came from Party City. They're huge and held lots of goodies!
 I whipped the little sign together myself and it matched the rest of it pretty well.
We put lots of ocean themed things in the bubbles...stickers, individual Goldfish bags, mini ocean pinball games, a small container of bubbles, suction cup balls...anything ocean or bubble related/looking. HA!
THE CUTEST cake ever!!! I'm so thrilled with how it looked AND tasted!!
It came from Albertville Home Bakery and we'll definitely be using them from now on. Affordable, adorable, and delicious! Can't beat that!
There was a lot of orange and blue for this Alabama fan to take in. ;-)

Donut holes, AKA: bubble bites. Too cute, I know!

Notice the adorable cookies, made by Alison Hathcock in Gadsden. They are not only cute, they are also DELICIOUS!!!
 I took this picture before the pizza was delivered. In one episode, there's "Molly's Moon Pizzeria". I played on that by just calling it Hudson's Pizzeria. I made this sign as well. Quick and simple with some Google images!
 We also had some chicken bites.
 How cute are these gummy fish kabobs??? I die!
 Love these straws from Etsy, along with the assorted Bubble Guppies containers, also from Etsy.
 "Ocean water", AKA: Blue Lemonade
 Pond Water = plain water. :-)
Love the labels that came with the party pack I got on Etsy. Perfect fit for Juicy Juice boxes, and a little bracket to write the kids' names in.

Present time! You'll notice my child has about 50 balloons tied to him. If you don't already know this, he's obsessed. Like, crazy obsessed. He was more concerned about his balloons than he was the gifts so next year we'll just ask everyone to bring a balloon for him! HAHA! But really...
 Finally getting into it. And don't worry, now that we've gotten home and the excitement is over, he's LOVING his toys!!! Boy racked up on some great, puzzles, new dishes, clothes, books, etc. We are so appreciative!
 Daddy, I mean, Hudson got a cool guitar!!

 Loving on his stuffed animal from Aunt Lissa and Uncle Johnny.
 Anything Alabama related is always a winner!!!
 My sweet boys!

After gifts, it was bouncy house time!! It doesn't go with the whole "Bubble Guppies" theme, but I mean....why not?
 The big kids had more fun than anyone, I'm pretty sure! ;-)
 Hudson was a little unsure but never cried or anything. He was just cautious.
 Going down the slide with Catherine.
 I think Aunt Catherine had herself a good time. ;-)
 Hanging out with G-Nana.

 There's an episode called "Fishketball", where they identify all the different types of balls and the sports they're used in, and I found this idea(along with the printable fish) on Nick Jr and had to do it. I made it using a project board and it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I think my teacher crafting days came in handy. 
 I tried to find beanie fish to use for throwing, but was unsuccessful so bean bags worked just fine.
 Kaden loved the game! I'm glad someone did. ;-)

Poppy taking a break.

 The SIL and me.

 The birthday boy really enjoyed himself, and was totally oblivious to the birthday shirt debacle that took place, so he didn't miss the real one at all. It didn't come in time (still hasn't), and I was told more than once that it would be here. Luckily, we had this one and it matched perfectly. The shirt(that I ordered on 3/8) was the only hiccup we had and for that I'm thankful. 
*if you'd like to know who I ordered from on Etsy, for your future reference, send me an email and I'll let you know*
 Hudson with his Aunt Lissa.
 More Fishketball fun. I'm just glad it got used. HA!
 I also found this cute thing on Nick Jr.'s website. I printed out the pictures, glued them to a board and it's a little Bubble Guppies photo booth! Cute!
 Unfortunately, it kinda got hidden during the party and we found it afterward so Hudson and Daddy were the only ones who got to test it out.

We are so thankful for the beautiful day we had and for all of our sweet family and friends who came to celebrate our sweet boy's 2nd birthday! We are blessed to have each of them in our lives and are thankful they love our boy so much. And a huge thank you to my parents for hosting again this year, and for all they did to get the party ready!!! Y'all were a huge help!

This mama was exhausted afterward, and I can't imagine having to do this in August or September when I'm waddling. HA!
More from the birthday weekend coming tomorrow.


  1. omgeeee! It was just perfect. You look adorable too Girl!

  2. You did AMAZING on the party!! Such cute ideas! I hate the shirt didn't arrive. Can you email me the name of the seller?
    Looks like Hudson had a great time! :)

  3. The party was spectacular! You could tell how much love you put into every detail! Obviously, I had an amazing time. Thanks again for including us in such a special day!

  4. oh my cute was this party?!?! now i want a kid so i can plan parties like this!!

  5. Hi, I'm doing the same bubble favor. Where did you get those clear stickers?

  6. Hi there! Love your party! I will be doing the same bubble party favors for my son's BG party and got the very same favor tags. How did you get them to stick so perfectly like that? Did you hot glue it or had them turned into stickers? The party is on 9/7th so if you can let me know soon I would appreciate it. Thanks :)

    1. Hey there Lana!! I did use hot glue to secure them to the bubble favors. They laid down perfectly that way. I hope your son has a wonderful party!!! :-)

    2. Great! Thanks for your speedy reply. :)

  7. Hi! I am actually fixing to start getting items for my daughter's bubble guppies birthday, and was wondering if you could let me know which etsy shop you bought from??? bc I LOVE these decorations! Thanks!!!

  8. Hi. Great blog. My niece never cared for her presents. Only likes the wrapping paper. I would watch Bubble Guppies with her.

  9. My son will be 2 and we are doing bubble guppies. I loved everything...can you email me and let me know where I can purchase. Thanks

  10. Hi. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what etsy shop you purchased from! You did an amazing job with your sons party :-)

    1. Thanks! Are you wanting the name of the shop where I got the party package or the one where I ordered the shirt?

  11. Hello! I'm starting to plan my daughter's 2nd b'day party as well, and she has requested a "buppies" party. Any chance you would share your etsy shop name with me as well? Thanks!

  12. Hello, how can I find the bubble favors in Party City, what are they called?

    1. Search "ball favor containers", and all the colors should come up.

  13. Luv!What etsy shop did u get the bubble puppy container used for straws :-D

  14. Hi, I am wanting to do a Bubble Guppies theme for My son's second Birthday. I was wondering, how did you make the blue lemonade? Could you email me? Thankyou!!

  15. Hi, I am wanting to do a Bubble Guppies theme for My son's second Birthday. I was wondering, how did you make the blue lemonade? Could you email me? Thankyou!!

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