Friday, May 17, 2013

2 Year Checkup

It's about a month late, but we finally had Hudson's 2 year checkup yesterday. His last appointment was at 15 months, so it's been a while. He used to be pretty easy going at the doctor, but y'all. Yesterday just about sent me over the edge. He was aware that he didn't know these strangers that were touching him, weighing & measuring him, and he wanted NO part of it. At. All. We won't even talk about the shot/blood draw. Oh heavens!
But even through the tears and screams, he still managed to give momma and daddy kisses and hugs. Sweet boy.
He weighs just under 27 lbs (75th percentile) and is 37" tall (off the charts!). This boy continues to be long and lean, but he's perfectly healthy, thank goodness!!! His hearing and vision are wonderful and I'm just so so thankful for a healthy boy. I only hope and pray the twins are just as healthy!

After a little lovin' and a tasty sucker, we were good to go, and glad to learn he won't have to return until he's 3.
Such a good sharer....

Here he is at his 15 month checkup. 
Can you believe this is the same little guy?? 

My baby is a baby no more. Waaaahhh!!!

Y'all have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. Oh my goodness! He has changed so much, such a big boy now! So glad you have a healthy, beautiful little man! : )


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