Monday, May 27, 2013

I Haven't Fallen Off the Face of the Earth...

There's been a lot going on around these parts and none of it has helped make time for blogging. I promise I'll get back with the program this week.
Here's a photo run-down of the last few days...
Thanks to my awesome husband, I finally got that big soft pretzel with cheese sauce I've been dying for!! It was divine! I already need another one.

Saturday, we headed down for Gage's 1st birthday party. I cannot believe he's ONE already!! Seems like I was just visiting him in the hospital.
 Old friends (& neighbors) together again. Amanda is in the middle and Gage's mommy, Julie, is on the right. Oh, and that huge blob on the left...that's me!! Bahahahaha!! Seriously, large and in charge nowadays, y'all!

I don't know why all the non-Instagram pics look like this. Maddening!
 Hudson was right in the middle of gift time. He kept playing with the toys. Silly child. That's Gage, the birthday boy, standing with the BLOND hair! :) He was a busy boy, and did a lot of mixin' and minglin'.

Hudson also thought Gage needed some help with his smash cake. Again, no idea why the picture's doing this. He kept going up to him saying "Hi!" Gage loved his cake and I'm pretty sure he would've eaten the whole thing if they hadn't taken it away. Atta boy!! 

After a fun-filled party, he was worn slap out!!! You'd think he'd nap the whole 2 hours home....NOPE! 30 minutes. He's an awful car napper.

Yesterday, we started a little bit of this...
 because we love moving SOOOOO much!! That was written in sarcasm font, in case you couldn't tell.
 Hudson did a little modeling while I packed up some of my closet. Great picture for high school graduation, no? ;)
More on the moving thing right quick.....we originally planned on staying in this house until our lease is up next Feb.(we signed a 2-year lease on it) After thinking about it, we decided a bigger house really is necessary. We want to rent for a couple more years until we can build. We don't want to just build anywhere. We(I) want land and I'm very picky so we're taking our time with that, trying to save some money (although that'll slow down now that twins are coming), then we can build the home of our dreams. The house we're moving into in a few weeks is beautiful! It's a good bit bigger than where we are now, has an extra bedroom(and 2 extra bathrooms) AND an awesome bonus room WITH a bathroom upstairs that we'll use as the guest suite, with a better layout and is in a little nicer neighborhood. There's even a possibility we'll just want to buy it later, depending on if the owners decide to come back from where they were relocated to a while back for work. Luckily, the new house is literally 3 minutes from our current house, so that'll make moving a little easier. Ya, a smidgen.
So, we're starting the packing process a little early, but I'm only going to get bigger and more uncomfortable so better to start early than to wait until the week before. I'm not wild about moving while pregnant (again...we moved up here to Huntsville over 2 years ago when I was VERY pregnant with Hudson), but it's for the best and this house is going to be so much better for us as a party of 5! 
I might be really excited about the kitchen, though. Y'all. The fridge. It's one of those HUGE Sub-Zero type fridges. Not the same brand, but same size. Huge. I'll definitely be spoiled after living with that thing for a while. Joseph's just hoping I don't feel like I have to keep it full all the time. ;)

Today, we've just enjoyed being at home together. We cut open the first watermelon of the season so someone was happy...
And I picked a good one too! It's SO sweet and yummy!!!! The watermelon is too. :-) HA!
We've got some shrimp skewers to grill later and I have a strong desire to get an ice cream maker and make some homemade grape ice cream. We'll probably just go over to the froyo shop instead. Keep it simple, right? 
I hope you're having a nice, relaxing long weekend. Let us not forget what this day means. We owe so much to the men and women who've made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom. And to those who are currently serving our great nation, we can never thank you enough. 
We are forever grateful and we pray for your safety, always.

Y'all get out and enjoy this beautiful day we've been given!!


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